Recipe and Grocery API, Version 2.0

We’ve released a new version of our 350,000+ Recipe and Grocery List Application Programming Interface (API), now available at This API gives developers and data scientists working on applications in the food-tech, health, grocery delivery, home automation field easy, searchable access to recipes at affordable prices.

What’s New

The biggest advancement with the API is that it’s refactored to be much more RESTful. The new Swagger-based endpoint brings with it great productivity improvements for developers.

If you haven’t heard of Swagger, it’s an open API initiative aimed at making powerful, consistent and sharable definitions of RESTful APIs. We’ve provided developers a handy playground to experiment with the BigOven API v2, where you can input parameters in a web form and see actual responses, plus you get code generation tools so you can take the Swagger API definition and build simple “recipe and grocery list building blocks” in your language of choice. So if you’re using Java, Ruby, C#/.NET, jQuery, php, Python, or a popular mobile development framework, you can build your own components that work with the recipe and grocery list API.


  • Quickly test out the 350,000+ Recipe and Grocery List API via the Swagger-based developer interface. Very handy during exploration, development and debugging.
  • Get quickly up to speed with Swagger-based documentation. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the documentation, but you’ll find much more extensive descriptions of the endpoints, as well as seeing what each endpoint does.  (Tip: You can put your api_key in the upper right hand corner of the Swagger playground interface and it’ll be remembered between calls.)
  • Use code generation to jumpstart your work in Ruby, Node.js, C#, .NET, Angular.js, jQuery and many more programming languages and frameworks.
  • More REST-ful, newly refactored endpoints for search, recipe display and more
  • Photo redirector – You now can get recipe and user images in a variety of square tile sizes to fit your needs with our photo redirector. These are spread out throughout a Content Delivery Network (CDN), making the experience faster worldwide
  • Recipe categories and subcategories
  • Recipe Collections
  • Support for recipe folders
  • Glossary terms

API2 is being used in production today for our own apps and website, as well as new updates in the works.

Our terms of use and pricing have not changed.

Migration Notes

  • We recommend all new developers start with v2 of the API.
  • We plan to support the older v1 of the API well into 2017, and will monitor usage of that endpoint to determine end-of-life date after January 2017. API v1 is now deprecated but maintained – we will certainly continue to fully support it. We strongly encourage new developers to use API2, and existing API v1 developers migrate to API2 as soon as your development cycle allows, since new features and improvements will be solely on the API2 endpoint.
  • You can use your v1 API key on the new v2 API. Each key will work on both. Starting on a date in 2017 (specific date TBD based on usage and your feedback), API keys will only work on API2.
  • Read other technical migration notes.

Introducing the All-New BigOven Apps: Cooking Simplified.

Today, we’re proud to introduce a brand new version of our app for iOS. A major Android refresh is also nearing completion, and should be available by May 2016.

iPhone-6--Screenshot--Homescreen--No-Background-2The BigOven app for iPhone is a ground-up rewrite that we started in our studio over a year ago. We’ve taken the things you love about BigOven — recipe lookup, shopping and sharing — looked closely at each area, and made them better. We’ve streamlined them and added some important new capabilities. We’ve added new ways to see the activity of the cooks you like, follow new ones, and see the activity on recipes most relevant to you. Our goal is to make it even easier for you to get a delicious homemade meal on the dinner table.

We aim to be the most-used, best-loved app for home cooks. We want to help the home cook as they cycle through discovery, planning, shopping, preparation and sharing meals every day of the week. We constantly look at each of those activities to see how we can make it easier.

You’ve let us know the things about BigOven you love and the areas you’d like to see improved.  

What’s new

  • Get inspiration from friends, family and food bloggers
  • Find recipes even faster with all-new Search
  • Shop faster at the grocery store, including off-line and household account sharing
  • Get around the app faster with clearer navigation
  • See activity on your recipes with an all-new Activity view
  • All-new technical foundation: fully rewritten in Swift, with a new back-end to power it

Get inspired by your friends, family and favorite food bloggers

Now, when you join or link by Facebook, you’ll see all your friends that use BigOven, and can follow them. When you follow a cook, you’ll see recipes they love (rate 4 or 5 stars) right in your home screen feed. You’ll also see recipes added by your favorite bloggers, who you can also follow right from the app.

iPhone-6--Screenshot--User-Profile--No-Background-2BigOven makes recommendations for you the more you use it

BigOven will bubble up recommendations based on how you’re using it. Our goal is to help you get unstuck, and eliminate that “what am I going to make tonight?” problem we all encounter.

Getting around BigOven is easier

BigOven’s navigation has been streamlined to get you quickly and easily from one feature to another. Whether it’s getting recipe ideas on your home screen, accessing your own recipes, creating a grocery list, making a meal plan or checking on messages, it’s all within easy reach with our updated navigation bar.

Activity keeps you up-to-date

View your messages in one place. Find Facebook friends who are also on BigOven. Get a message if someone comments on a recipe you’ve posted, if an action has been done on a recipe you’ve commented on, or if someone has @mentioned you. Personalize your profile page by adding a photo, see your recipe count, along with how many cooks you follow and how many cooks are following you.

Find recipes even faster with all-new Search

Looking for a recipe? Just type in the title, ingredients or any keyword. You can get back to all the recipes you’ve viewed recently by tapping on the magnifying glass and then “All Recipes”. More recipes are displayed on each screen, and related recipes are shown to you right on the recipe detail screen.

iPhone-6--Screenshot--Search--No-Background-2Searching is faster

Some searches of your recipe collection are done locally on your phone, making them very fast. Plus, with an all-new search back-end, you’ll find many common searches are faster than in the old app, particularly seasonal collections.

Autocomplete saves you typing

BigOven now autocompletes your recipe searches with some of the more common recipe titles. (If you don’t see it suggested for you, be sure to search anyway; these are just the most common recipe titles.)

BigOven remembers your most recent searches

Enter your search, and you can choose to target all the recipes or just your own recipes. BigOven shows you the most recent recipes you’ve searched as well as your most recent search terms. And a handy autocomplete will suggest searches for you based on what you’re typing.

Tap the magnifying glass and choose how you’d like to search within the app. Are you on a quest to discover new inspiration from BigOven’s 350,000 recipes? Or would you prefer to locate a specific recipe in your recipe box? Or would you like to find a particular cook, blog or website on BigOven? We have many options for you to choose.

iOS Spotlight Search Now Has Your Recipes

iPhone-6--Screenshot--Spotlight-Search--No-Background-2Want an even faster way to search? Look for BigOven recipes using iOS Spotlight Search. Swipe right to access Spotlight Search from your home screen. Type in an ingredient or the name of the recipe you’re looking for and BigOven results will appear. Tap on the recipe and your BigOven app will launch and take you directly to that recipe. It’s easy and convenient.











Faster, Shared Grocery List

We recently debuted a shared grocery list and with our redesigned app, it works even better. Now your household can have a common grocery list and you can avoid unnecessary return trips to the store.

iPhone-6--Screenshot--Grocery-List--No-Background-2We’ve added enhancements to make our grocery list easier to use as you add items, sort by department or by recipe, and mark off or delete as you grocery shop:

  • Tap on an item to strike it (tap again to unstrike it)
  • Edit an item by tapping on the (i) to the right
  • It’s faster — far fewer “synchronizing with server” moments
  • It’s local — you don’t have to be connected to the server to use it
  • Multiple BigOven accounts can share the same grocery list












BigOven continues to help home cooks get inspired and organized, in the kitchen and on the go. Give our redesigned iOS app a try! We will regularly update the app to add features and improvements, so let us know what you think!

Happy Cooking!

One Household, One Grocery List

NEW: Notifications When Your List is Updated

Do you have more than one person in your home that does — or should do — the grocery shopping?

A couple months ago, BigOven introduced shared grocery lists and menu plans within a household. This lets you use a single, joint grocery list within your household, where everyone sees a common, editable list. This way, everyone in your household can add items, recipes, or remove them from a single list.

This handy feature saves last-minute texts, phonecalls and more – simply update the list with your items, and whoever hits the grocery store first checks the list, and grabs the items! BigOven’s grocery lists also come with powerful features like automatically grouping items by aisle, letting you add entire recipes at a time to the list, sending a grocery list via text, and more.

We’ve gotten some great feedback on Household Account Sharing, and today, we’re releasing push notifications that let you know on your mobile device that your grocery list has been modified. A few moments after someone updates your grocery list, you’ll receive a push notification on any of your devices letting you know that your list is updated. This message, if you tap on it, will take you right to your grocery list. Simply tug down on the grocery list to force an update and re-sync.

How to get started

Make sure everyone in your household that does grocery shopping installs the free BigOven app.

Invite Other Members To Your List

It’s simple to add more members to your grocery list. Simply open up a web browser, visit your Account Settings area, and click on the Account tab. You’ll see a “Household” section there, where you can enter the email address(es) of those who you want to share your list. After they accept your invitation, your accounts are linked.

Only one user per household (internally, we call this the “master” of the household), can invite additional users to use their list. That is, once you’ve invited someone to share your list, only you (and not they) can invite others to use your household list. The participants you invite can only accept, decline or revoke participation.

Tip: Be sure to Tug down on the Grocery List to force a Refresh

To ensure you have the latest copy of the grocery list data, you might want to tug down on the grocery list to force a refresh.


For more details, see our original post announcing this feature. Happy cooking!

BigOven Desktop Uploader Makes Migration Easy

Got recipes in the BigOven for Windows desktop application? Earlier this year, we announced that the installed desktop .exe has been sunset. There are many reasons for that change explained in the linked post.

Not to worry, though – you can migrate your recipes to the cloud easily with the free BigOven Uploader tool, and get your recipes anywhere. We released an update today (v1.1) which fixes a couple bugs and makes the process easy.

Note that it doesn’t require that the BigOven for Windows application be running on the machine. But you’ll need Internet access, and since it sends a bunch of data to the servers, we recommend you use a fast internet connection.

Here’s how:

  • Download the free Cloud Uploader utility. (1.46Mb) Save the zip file to your computer. Extract the one file (setup.exe) and double click to run it.
  • You’ll get a sign in dialog. Enter your email and password. (BigOven PRO membership is required.)
  • By default, it’ll load the startup recipe box that you used in Windows.
  • Choose the recipes you’d like to upload and click the right arrow to add them. Tip: Hold down ctrl or shift while you click to highlight more than one recipe.

When you’re ready, press the Upload button. It will go through each recipe and upload it to the cloud.