“Search within My Recipes” now available on iOS and Android apps

BigOven has rolled out Search within My Recipes on our iOS and Android apps as well!

iOS: My Recipes Search

Looking for your favorite chicken dish? On iOS, just click on the magnifying glass on the home screen to search within “My Recipes.” Get the results from recipes you’ve Added, marked as Favorite or Try.


Android: My Recipes Search

Looking for your favorite pasta dish? On Android, go to the slide out drawer from the home screen, click Search to get Advanced Search. In Advanced Search, type in keyword or title and you’ll get results from recipes you’ve Added, marked as Favorite or Try.

Screenshot_2015-04-20-16-10-50 Screenshot_2015-04-20-16-10-55
Give it a try and let us know what you think. Happy Cooking!

“My Recipes”: Faster, New Features

My Recipes Icon
Your “My Recipes” area on BigOven just got better:

  • It loads faster.  Those with more than 20 recipes in a given folder should notice that the My Recipes area loads faster.  Previously, the entire folder had to be loaded and painted on the screen.  Now, just the first set of tiles are loaded, and more are loaded as you scroll down.
  • Search within “My Recipes.”  Looking for just your pie desserts?  Enter “pie” in the “Search My Recipes” box, and BigOven will limit the search to those recipes you’ve Added or marked Favorite or Try.  You can enter any keywords here, not just title keywords.  So, if you’re looking for any recipe you’ve favorited/marked-try/added that feature bacon and eggs, just enter “bacon eggs” in the search box and press enter.
  • List view shows handy display:  While this is not a new feature, based on some support inquiries, it’s an undiscovered one.  Look to the upper right of your “My Recipes” area, and you can toggle the view between “Picture Tile” and “List” view modes.

Picture Tile View

My Recipes Picture Tile View

My Recipes Picture Tile View

Search My Recipes for “Bacon”

Search My Recipes for Bacon

Search My Recipes for Bacon

List View

My Recipes: List View

My Recipes: List View

BigOven Early Access Program wants you!

BigOven is  looking for a few good women and men who want to get early access to BigOven features and try them out before everyone else. If you love your BigOven app, come join the Early Access Program.


Get a behind-the-scenes sneak peek! If you’re on this list, when BigOven has new releases ready to go, you’ll get early access (for free) and can provide us immediate feedback before we make a broader release to millions of cooks. Instructions to join below for Android and iOS.

Android users: Please go to the Google+ Community link and click the red “Join Community” button.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.27.42 PM

After joining, click “Early Access Beta” in the About This Community section and follow the instructions.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.25.04 PM

iOS users: If you want to participate, please request early access:

Request early access to BigOven apps.

Thanks and Happy Cooking!

“Search within my recipes” now available on the Web

One of the most popular requests we’ve heard from cooks is to make it easier to search within your own curated set of recipes, filtering out everyone else’s recipes.

Today we are releasing two important new features to beta on www.bigoven.com, which will be coming to the mobile apps over the coming months related to this request:

  1. Your “My Recipes” area now has a “Search My Recipes” box. Typing anything in there will search all the recipes you’ve Added, Favorited or marked “Want to Try” for the keyword(s) you enter.
  2. You’ll see your own recipes boosted on bigoven.com whenever you do a search when you’re signed in.  Any general search on BigOven.com now boosts those recipes which match your search criteria which you’ve Added, Favorited or marked Want To Try.  You’ll see your recipes those recipes at or near the top of any search result you do.  So, if you do a search for “Apple Pie”, you should see your “Apple Pie” recipes at or near the very top.

We’ll be tuning these two features over the coming weeks, and making them mobile, but wanted you to know about their general availability.

How To Search Just Your Recipes

Simply visit your “My Recipes” cookbook on BigOven by clicking on the cookbook icon (#1 in figure below) in the toolbar:

My Recipes Icon

My Recipes

Then, type keyword(s) into “Search My Recipes” (#3 in figure below):

Visit your "My Recipes" cookbook to search just your recipes

Visit your “My Recipes” cookbook to search just your recipes

If I type in “chocolate dessert”, I’m going to see just the recipes I’ve added/favorited/marked-try that have the words “chocolate” and “dessert” somewhere in them, without all the thousands of other ones:

Searching just my recipes for "chocolate dessert".

Searching just my recipes for “chocolate dessert”.

General Searches Now More Personalized

Also with this release, we’re boosting those of your recipes that meet the criteria of your search.  This feature only works for signed-in users.  It also means that each cook can (and likely will) see a different set of search results, as you build up your collection.

For instance, when I search “chicken piccata” using the general site-wide search available in the toolbar (#2 in the figure above), I’m going to see all those recipes that have “chicken piccata” in them, but those recipes that I’ve added or favorited or marked interesting to me (i.e., want-to-try) are going to float to the top:

A general search for "chicken piccata" will boost mine higher.

A general search for “chicken piccata” will boost mine higher.  Note the first tile on the list is a Favorite and a “Try”

Coming To Mobile Apps

Personalized boosting is coming to the apps shortly, and explicit searching within your own recipes will follow in free updates later this year.

Got ideas for how BigOven can make your cooking even easier? Let us know. We’re listening.


BigOven launches new home page

From the BigOven home page, you can now find the top four seasonal recipe collections, Quick & Easy recipe ideas, popular dishes and recipe picks from our team.

BP1Go ahead, search for the perfect recipe.

BP2View the top four seasonal recipe collections. Click on the circular collections image to view all collections. The navigation bar sticks to the top of the page, so you can easily access recipe collections, your recipes, grocery list, menu planner and use up leftovers when scrolling.

BP3Get ideas for Quick & Easy weeknight dinners. Fresh recipes will be featured weekly.

BP4See popular recipes that home cooks are raving about now.

BP5In case you need another reason to explore BigOven, click on one of the above buttons. Might we suggest discovering a recipe that will use up those leftovers in your fridge?

BP52Take a look at recipes we’re loving at BigOven.

BP6Get tasty inspiration and tips by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

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Feel free to let us know what you think! Send us a note at support@bigoven.com.


BigOven proudly partners with Samsung’s Chef Collection Series

BigOven is pleased to be featured in Samsung’s Chef Collection Series Tablet.

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 this week, Samsung unveiled their Chef Collection Series partners. Samsung launched a culinary initiative to create its next-generation appliances, The Chef Collection Series. In their effort to take a holistic approach to the cooking process, Samsung is introducing content and services via their Chef Collection tablet, pre-loaded with its own Chef Collection app. The app will showcase cooking content and recipes from noted partners such as BigOven. Updated bi-weekly, the app will provide recipe inspiration for cooks, whether they are making something for dinner that night, or preparing a special occasion meal. 

In addition, BigOven’s app will be pre-installed with the exclusive Chef Collection tablet, available in Spring 2015.


Food blogger? Add “Save Recipe” features to your blog!

If you’re a food blogger, check out wordpress.bigoven.com, which shows free and low-cost ways for you to enhance your blog:

  • Improve your search engine presence with rich-snippet markup
  • Add “Save Recipe” buttons to your recipes, letting your readers remember your recipes in their own personal collection. Saving the recipe comes with a full link back to your site, keeping them coming back to your site time and again.
  • Import all your past posts from Ziplist format into a new, easy-to-use recipe manager
  • Let your readers quickly add your recipe’s items to their mobile grocery list, and carry it around in the free BigOven Recipe and Grocery App
  • Become eligible for marketing exposure and enhanced visibility in the BigOven apps, which are used by millions of cooks.

BigOven has partnered with EasyRecipe, WP Ultimate Recipe and Recipe Hero to deliver the “Save Recipe” feature in all the leading food blogger plugins on the WordPress marketplace.  In addition, we’ve put up a new website devoted to food bloggers, complete with a list of authorized plugin partners and demos of how to add these features to your site:  wordpress.bigoven.com.


BigOven launches easy-to-use navigation and interactive home screen on iOS and Android apps

BigOven is rolling out a simplified navigation bar and improved, interactive home screen on iOS and Android apps. From the home screen, you can find delicious seasonal recipes, recent raves, and the latest and greatest from BigOven. When you click on the simplified bottom navigation bar, you can quickly and easily get to BigOven’s best features:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.28.22 AM GET IDEAS:  Find inspiration for your next meal by browsing through Seasonal Collections, Menus and Recent Raves.
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.27.03 AM MY RECIPES:  Store all your recipes in one place. Save your Favorites and recipes To Try. See your Added and clipped recipes from your favorite sites.
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.27.13 AM GROCERY LIST:  Make your list from scratch or BigOven can convert your recipes into a list, sorted alphabetically and by department.
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.27.42 AM MENU PLANNER:  Plan a week’s worth of meals. Share your menu plan via email.
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.27.25 AM USE UP LEFTOVERS:  Use up what’s in your fridge. Type in three ingredients and see what you can make.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Send us a note at support@bigoven.com. If you’re loving the new look, feel free to rate us in the app store too!





Food Blogger? Get the free Recipe SEO and Organizer Plugin for WordPress


Are you a food blogger?  The free BigOven WordPress Plugin makes your food blog better!

  • Improve your Google and Bing search-engine presence with rich-snippet markup: The BigOven recipe WordPress plugin takes care of the hidden “rich snippets” markup of recipes for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  You simply enter fields in an easy-to-use form.  The plugin automatically marks up your recipes with the preferred format from Google and Schema.org: hRecipe.
  • Import your past recipes from Ziplist – Ziplist is going away.  If you’re a food blogger who used Ziplist, transitioning to the BigOven recipe WordPress plugin as your alternative is seamless.  The BigOven plugin will import your past recipes and update the shortcodes in old posts to the newly updated recipe records in a single click.  (As this plugin modifies previous posts, be sure to back up your MySQL database before you click the option “Import from Ziplist” in the Settings area.)
  • Print-friendly format – Each recipe has a “Print” button, that, when pressed, brings readers to a handy print-friendly view of your recipe.  (We’ll be adding optional customization and templates in future free updates.)
  • Give your readers streamlined “Add to Grocery List” and/or “Save Recipe” mobile features with a terrific companion app:  With the BigOven plugin, you get a “Save Recipe” button on your recipes that allow them to be easily be saved to the reader’s recipe collection and/or grocery list. Cooks can bring your recipes to the grocery store or kitchen counter with the award-winning BigOven recipe apps.   Full credit and links to your original recipe are preserved.
  • Organize your recipes in a handy recipe dashboard: Search your recipes by title for easy reference while posting. Your recipes list will live in the “Recipes” area of the WordPress compose dialogue. This makes combining multiple recipes in a post an easy task, or re-inserting “recipe cards” in posts again later.

Learn more and see video walkthroughs here:  http://wordpress.bigoven.com

What’s Next

Our priority with version 1.x is to provide smooth transition for bloggers who’ve used Ziplist, including a “Save Recipe” featureset that opens up promotional opportunities for bloggers.  (We are driven in this priority by the pending closure of Ziplist on December 10th, 2014.)

We’ve just released 1.1.x, which adds print-friendly support.

Our next priority will be display customizations.  Got ideas, or examples you’d like to see us support?  Be sure to send them in via the link above — we’re listening!

BigOven’s New Recipe Clipper makes it Easy to Save your Favorite Recipes

We’ve updated our popular Recipe Clipper — it’s now more accurate and easier-to-use.  Build  up your own recipe collection from around the web.

The BigOven Recipe Clipper works in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and any browser that supports a Favorites or Bookmarks button.  Simply drag the button to your browser, and click “Add Recipe” next time you see a recipe you’d like!  (Get the Clipper today — it’s free.)

  • Recognizes many more websites
  • Keeps you on the recipe page (no more finding your way back to where you left off)
  • Smoother and generally faster

See a demo of the Recipe Clipper in this short screencast.  Everything shown here is free, and we’ve increased the number of recipes you can save in your own personal collection to 50!