We've upgraded BigOven's search to a faster, more powerful platform.

Recipe and Grocery API, Version 2.0

We’ve released a new version of our 350,000+ Recipe and Grocery List Application Programming Interface (API), now available at http://api2.bigoven.com. This API gives developers and data scientists working on applications in the food-tech, health, grocery delivery, home automation field easy, searchable access to recipes at affordable prices.

What’s New

The biggest advancement with the API is that it’s refactored to be much more RESTful. The new Swagger-based endpoint brings with it great productivity improvements for developers.

If you haven’t heard of Swagger, it’s an open API initiative aimed at making powerful, consistent and sharable definitions of RESTful APIs. We’ve provided developers a handy playground to experiment with the BigOven API v2, where you can input parameters in a web form and see actual responses, plus you get code generation tools so you can take the Swagger API definition and build simple “recipe and grocery list building blocks” in your language of choice. So if you’re using Java, Ruby, C#/.NET, jQuery, php, Python, or a popular mobile development framework, you can build your own components that work with the recipe and grocery list API.


  • Quickly test out the 350,000+ Recipe and Grocery List API via the Swagger-based developer interface. Very handy during exploration, development and debugging.
  • Get quickly up to speed with Swagger-based documentation. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the documentation, but you’ll find much more extensive descriptions of the endpoints, as well as seeing what each endpoint does.  (Tip: You can put your api_key in the upper right hand corner of the Swagger playground interface and it’ll be remembered between calls.)
  • Use code generation to jumpstart your work in Ruby, Node.js, C#, .NET, Angular.js, jQuery and many more programming languages and frameworks.
  • More REST-ful, newly refactored endpoints for search, recipe display and more
  • Photo redirector – You now can get recipe and user images in a variety of square tile sizes to fit your needs with our photo redirector. These are spread out throughout a Content Delivery Network (CDN), making the experience faster worldwide
  • Recipe categories and subcategories
  • Recipe Collections
  • Support for recipe folders
  • Glossary terms

API2 is being used in production today for our own apps and website, as well as new updates in the works.

Our terms of use and pricing have not changed.

Migration Notes

  • We recommend all new developers start with v2 of the API.
  • We plan to support the older v1 of the API well into 2017, and will monitor usage of that endpoint to determine end-of-life date after January 2017. API v1 is now deprecated but maintained – we will certainly continue to fully support it. We strongly encourage new developers to use API2, and existing API v1 developers migrate to API2 as soon as your development cycle allows, since new features and improvements will be solely on the API2 endpoint.
  • You can use your v1 API key on the new v2 API. Each key will work on both. Starting on a date in 2017 (specific date TBD based on usage and your feedback), API keys will only work on API2.
  • Read other technical migration notes.

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