BigOven Desktop Uploader Makes Migration Easy

Got recipes in the BigOven for Windows desktop application? Earlier this year, we announced that the installed desktop .exe has been sunset. There are many reasons for that change explained in the linked post.

Not to worry, though – you can migrate your recipes to the cloud easily with the free BigOven Uploader tool, and get your recipes anywhere. We released an update today (v1.1) which fixes a couple bugs and makes the process easy.

Note that it doesn’t require that the BigOven for Windows application be running on the machine. But you’ll need Internet access, and since it sends a bunch of data to the servers, we recommend you use a fast internet connection.

Here’s how:

  • Download the free Cloud Uploader utility. (1.46Mb) Save the zip file to your computer. Extract the one file (setup) and double click to run it.
  • You’ll get a sign in dialog. Enter your email and password. (BigOven Pro membership is required.)
  • By default, it’ll load the startup recipe box that you used in Windows.
  • Choose the recipes you’d like to upload and click the right arrow to add them. Tip: Hold down ctrl or shift while you click to highlight more than one recipe.

When you’re ready, press the Upload button. It will go through each recipe and upload it to the cloud.


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  1. Alternatively, if you’d like to email us at that address with your recipe box with up to 1,000 recipes, plus BigOven username/password, we can try uploading the data as you. (We’ll need your login details, so you can temporarily set it to something you don’t mind us knowing, then change it back once the upload is complete.)

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