Our Pledge to Food Bloggers

At BigOven, we are nearing completion of a WordPress recipe SEO plugin that will let food bloggers enhance their search-engine visibility (making SEO friendly recipes), organize recipes in their own WordPress library, keep content of their own in a handy way, and enable optional features that let their readers save the recipe, add it to their mobile grocery list, and more.  More on that effort in the next few weeks — please follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or blog.bigoven.com to hear the latest.

In the meantime, I thought it was timely to lay out our guiding principles with respect to third-party recipe content.

Our Pledge to Food Bloggers

1)  Your content is, and always will be, your own.

BigOven is a partner with, not competitor to you as a food blogger.  BigOven is not a food blog. We aim to surface some of the best content on the web — including those recipes already contributed to BigOven — as part of our job.  But our main goal is to provide consumers and the larger cooking-at-home ecosystem with tools that they can use to make their lives easier.  We see ourselves as a productivity tool — a mobile and web-based platform that’s used in the daily cooking life-cycle of the home cook, from ideation and discovery through (optional) planning, shopping, preparation and sharing.

2)  BigOven is a software platform with a mission of making the lives of home cooks easier.

Our goal is to be the most-used, best-loved tool for home cooks.  We make apps, a website, and an optional Kitchen Cloud API that all work together.

We put our emphasis on the software tools that help ease the cooking life-cycle.  Food blogs are where a lot of the best ideas, photos and fresh perspectives come from in the food world.  BigOven’s heritage and focus is making great software, specifically platform software — and our competitive lens is to take a look at the world of the home cook (and by extension those who help the home cook) and then ask the question “what can we do with mobile, the cloud and the web to make their lives easier, more fun, more healthy?”

At BigOven, we are also home cooks ourselves.

3)  BigOven offers optional ways for bloggers to promote their content.  When we do so, we give full credit and traffic to the author(s) and originating site.

Two examples of this can be seen in the Recipe Clipper and the curated Recipe Collections.  Recipe Clipper is our tool that lets cooks snip a copy of a recipe and keep it in their own collection — it includes the recipe title, ingredients and hero photo, and carries with it a full link back to the original source for the instructions and method.  It helps integrate your content and your material into the life-cycle of the home cook.

Recipe Collections are designed to showcase some of the best seasonal recipes found on the web as well as in the BigOven archive.  When one of our editors finds a great, seasonal recipe to feature in a Recipe Collection, we provide links back to original source with full “link juice” to credit the author for their work.  We do not believe in framing other content.  We do highlight what we discover, but will always endeavor to send the reader to the original source for the complete recipe. The BigOven platform includes the BigOven website and the API, and we require third parties to link back to your site, too.

For instance, our editor is highlighting Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Salsa in the “Grilled Main Dishes” collection.  On the BigOven website, a hero photo and ingredients are there, but there is a full-link-juice link to visit Confections of a Foodie Bride for the instructions as to how to make the recipe.  We highlight this recipe as a recommended recipe in the “Grilled Main Dishes” collection on the BigOven app and BigOven sites.  (Food bloggers, we’re always looking for ways to improve — if you have suggestions that work even better for you, please let us know.  Thanks!)

4)  BigOven will never knowingly steal content, nor do we condone the theft of original material.  We recognize your content is your own, that you have commercial interests in protecting that content and presenting it in the best possible light as the original source.

Food bloggers make people happy, are a source of inspiration for many, and bring people together.  They make our lives as cooks easier and more successful, and as a food blogger, you rightly, fully own the content that you create.

We love food bloggers, consider them allies in the effort to get more cooks making more successful meals more often.  As a food blogger, your content is and will always be your own, and belongs permanently to you.

Backing up this pledge — we warn cooks adding recipes to the archive not to post third-party content, and we have an easy DMCA takedown process (see the “Alert Editor” link on every recipe page) that is always acted upon within one business day of receipt.  We also review all photos submitted to the site to help minimize the re-transmission of copyrighted material.  Now, we cannot guarantee that content copying never happens, because despite our strong suggestions to cooks, sometimes some get through — but we act immediately if an original author contacts us through the “Alert Editor” button.

5)  We’re listening.

We have a comments form, and our development team reads every single suggestion that comes in.

4 thoughts to “Our Pledge to Food Bloggers”

  1. I love this idea. It’s one of the reasons I kept my recipes private. I felt it unfair to post publicly when it wasn’t my own recipe. I also like the idea that you’re making a pledge to include the link back to the original post since I often go back to the original post to read reviews and comments and get additional ideas/substitutions if I don’t have an ingredient on hand.

    If I use an image from the blog it would also be nice if it could somehow be credited/linked back to the original poster (also another reason I keep my posts private).


  2. Bravo BigOven!
    I have used BO since the beginning when it was distributed as computer software on CD. My dream was to eventually transition to a paperless recipe collection stored on my iPad. I figured I’d need plenty of memory on my device, so I bought the more expensive model with plenty of storage. But BO was several steps ahead of me. I was delighted to discover that all my recipes were stored in the cloud on their servers meaning there was no limit to the storage capacity of my device.
    As a loyal customer, BO gave us a free Pro subscription and several credits for the new transcription service. Smart move, again! I have been a Pro member ever since and have over 200 recipes at my finger tips. Instead of that unsightly corner of my kitchen clutter with a pile of oily food-stained cookbooks and a card file that I struggled to keep alphabetized, I have gained a chunk of countertop real estate. Win-win, BO!
    This new feature truly makes BO even better for the user. I never felt right about importing from websites that didn’t belong to the handful of other big recipe sites that we were given permission to import from. Now we can publicly share great recipes from anywhere. Another win-win all around. I don’t have to worry that I might run afoul of intellectual property guidelines and the risk of having a great recipe deleted. The great thing is that we are actually linking to the original source. By adding a someone else’s recipe, more people will discover these amazing food blogs when they search for recipes right from our BigOven. Now I can feel good about importing any recipe knowing that I am giving the originator greater exposure, as well as, discovering these sites by searching right within BO.
    Just please, BO, keep doing what your doing! My only worry right now is that BO might unexpectedly disappear. Anyone who used SpringPad or ZipList knows what I’m talking about. However, BO continues to just improve in ways I couldn’t have imagined, which is very reassuring.
    Thanks for making this home cook’s experience absolutely wonderful!

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