Individual RSS Feeds for BigOven Recipe Archive

Seth Godin makes yet another interesting observation on his blog about "Bobcasting", where RSS meets the truly personal.

Today, most RSS feeds are one-to-many; it’s quite possible for RSS feeds to be much more 1-to-1.

For instance, on BigOven, you can subscribe to your friend’s "Recipe Streams", to be alerted to the photos they post, their Try Soon Recipes and Favorites, and what recipes they rate.  If you know a friend or two that eats the way you want to, it’s a great source of 2:00pm "what should I make tonight?" inspiration.

See mine at

Firestorm raging around

Seattle-based, started by Mark Britton (former Expedia Inc. general counsel) launched about 10 days ago.  Already, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against trying to shut it down.  I’ve offered my thoughts on the blog.

For some, Avvo having the audacity to try to put a numerical rating on overall lawyer quality is a truly dramatic development.

But a decade from now, I think we’ll be chuckling a bit at the parallels that have happened in one industry after another as they see their information-black-boxes breaking down:  first was securities trading, then travel, the mortgage industry, insurance, real-estate, and now law… is medicine next?  I hope so.  Each industry has gone through its own "stages of grief" as they see cultures/ethos built on information-sandboxing breaking down — fear, anger, denial, bargaining, acceptance…


Windows Vista Gadget Now Available

I’ve just written my first Windows Sidebar Gadget, which displays the Recipe of the Day, and lets you search the BigOven recipe archive easily from your desktop.

The Recipe of the Day is a seasonally-appropriate, highly-rated recipe from our archive.  The Gadget also gives you a quick way to search for a recipe, right from your desktop!   It’s easy to install.  If you’re running Windows Vista, simply click on the link below, choose "Open", then "Install". 

Tips on searching:  You can enter any string of ingredients, cuisines or tags, separated by a space, for instance "chicken spinach" will find all chicken and spinach dishes.   Or, "chinese spicy chicken" will find all the spicy chinese chicken recipes in the archive.

Bad Review Multiplier

So I’m driving by Huskies Stadium this morning on the way back from dropping our dog off at the groomer, and I notice that it’s "Windermere Cup" day in Seattle, the opening day of boating season.

I see a guy in a cowboy hat protesting Windermere, with a lone sign that says "I trusted Windermere and you shouldn’t.".  Here he is, a lone protester of Windermere, standing around on a gorgeous Saturday morning, holding a sign and looking very angry. 

Here’s his story:  Check out the amount of time that guy is investing in telling his story.

Treat someone wrong, and they don’t just tell 10 people.  They can tell 10,000 or 100,000 or more.