A change when adding a public vs private recipe

We’ve made a change in our add-recipe functionality: public recipes, once posted publicly, cannot be changed back to private.

Choose Public or Private at Recipe Posting Time

When you add a recipe to BigOven, you have an option to make it public or private. Once you choose to make it public, you cannot then make that recipe private. You can however still delete a recipe, and you can make a private copy of a recipe, but you cannot make that recipe private which you originally posted publicly. If you want to keep a recipe private, you must now choose “Private” at the time you create the recipe on BigOven. Recipes that are private can later be made public, but not the other way around.
You can add recipes in many different ways:
  • Type in the recipe into the web form (choose private or public at recipe creation time)
  • Copy and Paste from text (choose private or public at recipe creation time)
  • Clip a recipe from the web (these are public, with instructions leading off to the site in question)
  • Let BigOven type it in for you, via RecipeScan (these are made private by default)
  • Add the recipe via the free apps, by visiting My Recipes > Add Recipe (+)
Once a recipe is chosen to be public, that recipe’s public/private status cannot be changed.

Why the change?

BigOven is a community of cooks sharing our best recipes, plus powerful recipe organization software for personal collections. When recipes are shared publicly, any BigOven cook coming across that recipe might favorite them, add them to a grocery list or meal plan, or add them to a folder. If the author of that recipe then makes the recipe private, it can cause a “disappearance” of the recipe to those users who have marked it for later. Also, going forward, if you have a private recipe and, say, share it with someone via the special, coded URL, your friend will still have access to that recipe if they, say, add it to a folder or favorite it.
We want you to be able to enjoy the many delicious public recipes available to you, without ever worrying about that recipe becoming inaccessible.
So next time you add a recipe, please remember to ask yourself: Do you want to share it with the BigOven community or do you want to keep it to yourself? Take your pick. Happy cooking!

Pumpkin Everything

Healthy Maple Glazed Pumpkin Muffins
Healthy Maple Glazed Pumpkin Muffins



‘Tis the season for pumpkin everything.



We have nothing against smashing a pumpkin pie for dinner, but you can also whip up something savory… and then smash pumpkin pie for dessert.

5 Ingredient Pumpkin Alfredo

This cozy, creamy pasta dish is the true definition of comfort. Feel free to add a dose of crushed red pepper flakes for a little kick! Garnish your pasta with fresh Italian parsley, basil, or sage for even more flavor and a pop of color.

Pumpkin & Kale Chicken Noodle Soup with Fontina Toast

The ooey, gooey cheesy toast may be the best part… but the soup itself is pretty dang tasty too. If you happen to have leftovers (highly unlikely) whip up a double batch of fresh cheese toasts of course!



Sweet dreams are made of… pumpkin!

Pumpkin Fudge Brownie Pancakes with Chocolate Kahlua Sauce

Treat your sweet tooth in the morning, or serve these rich and delicious chocolate pancakes for dessert. And yes, the chocolate sauce does contain Kahlua. Don’t attempt to down these bad boys right before bedtime because you’ll be all wide awake like Katy Perry.

Pumpkin Spice Puppy Chow

Pumpkin spice puppy chow is the perfect sweet snack! Sprinkle a handful on top of this pumpkin milkshake for a real festive treat.



Eat your pumpkin, and drink it too.

Pumpkin Chai Latte

Make a big batch of the stuff then store it in your fridge and rewarm individual drinks on the stove as needed, whisking well to recombine. Coconut whipped cream is optional required.

Pumpkin Pineapple & Rum Cocktail

Pumpkin + booze… can it get much better than this?! No, no it can’t. This recipe serves 2 but everyone knows sharing is overrated.


Looking for more mouth-watering pumpkin recipes? See our handpicked collection.


Fall Favorites

Fall Harvest Quinoa Salad
Fall Harvest Quinoa Salad


We fell for these recipes.

And there’s a good chance you’ll fall too.



Squash and sweet potatoes are here to stay! At least until spring springs.

Chicken, Butternut Squash & Guacamole Rice Bowls

Feel free to swap in pinto beans for the black beans, and whip up your own fresh guac if time allows. P.S. Tortilla chips do count as a side.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Broccoli Rabe & Garlic Sage Butter

It’s hard to go wrong when garlic butter sauce is involved. Serve with extra Parm, of course, and maybe definitely some warm bread to mop up any extra buttah.



More squash and Brussels sprouts too! Now isn’t that exciting. And no, that wasn’t sarcasm…

Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts

Not a fan of stinkin’ Brussels sprouts? This flavorful recipe might just make you change your mind. Add as much sriracha as your little heart desires.

Chipotle Black Bean Stuffed Delicata Squash

Delicata squash is naturally sweet, and you can eat the skin! Plus it’s a lot easier to cut than butternut or spaghetti squash–no emergency room visits please.



Obviously the very best part of fall. Sweet, crisp apples and pears have soooo much potential, so let’s get started.

Classic Pear Crisp

This crisp is super simple to throw together. Serve with creamy Greek yogurt and call it breakfast! There are fruit and oats involved after all.

Apple Butter French Toast Sticks

Enjoy these mouth-watering french toast sticks for breakfast or dessert. A little vanilla bean ice cream on the side couldn’t hurt. Dunk them in this pumpkin pie milkshake and you’re really doing life right.


Want to fall in love with more recipes? See our Fall Favorites collection and more Fall Sweets.


Put That Slow Cooker to Work

Creamy Cashew Chicken
Creamy Cashew Chicken


Because low and slow is the way to go.

Plus less work for you!



Satisfy your grumbling tummy after a long day at work (or the mall).

Tangy Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This recipe makes excellent leftovers, so don’t feel like you have to finish it all in one go… although that’s really not too hard to do.

Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

Just another excuse to consume copious amounts of tortilla chips and guac! But really though.



Sit back, relax, and get your cheese fix.

Mexican Macaroni & Cheese

Not your standard mac. This cheesy pot of pasta has some juicy tomatoes and spicy chilies (anddd jalapeño!) going on. If spice ain’t your thing, kick that jalapeño to the curb.

Stuffed Red Bell Peppers

This meatless main dish is uber cheesy and packed with flavor. If you’re wanting to beef up your peppers, add ground beef! Any color pepper will work in a pinch.



Sweet tooth meet slow cooker. Some dreams do come true.

Baked Apples

Enjoy these sweet baked apples for breakfast with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt, or serve em up with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert… or breakfast  (who are we trying to kid).

5 Ingredient Chocolate Bars

Not a fan of butterscotch? Simply turn this 5 ingredient situation into a 4 ingredient situation and throw in more semi-sweet chocolate chips. No complaints over here. Serving size = the whole batch?


Want more slow cooker recipes in your life? See our full collection.






Make Dinner Quick & Easy

Korean BBQ Steak Bowls with Spicy Sesame Dressing
Korean BBQ Steak Bowls with Spicy Sesame Dressing


Because let’s face it, you’re very busy.

And even more hungry.



Plain ole chicken breasts are fine, but you can do so much better.

Chicken & Black Bean Burritos

These burritos are filling, full of flavor, and healthy! Amp up the heat by adding more jalapeño if you dare. And if you happen to have some guac on hand–you should always have guac within reach–feel free to swap the magical stuff in for the sliced avocado.

Chicken Pad Thai

Yeah that’s right, you can whip up pad thai in your very own kitchen. Trust us, it’s not that hard, so get to wok! Use beef, shrimp, or firm tofu if you’re not in the mood for chicken.



You know what they say… fish is brain food, and these seafood recipes just happen to be mouth-wateringly delicious too.

Crispy Honey Ginger Salmon

If your knife skills are on point, you’ll have dinner on the table in just 20 minutes. Serve this salmon over fluffy white rice or brown rice because no sauce should be left behind (and licking your plate is not exactly acceptable behavior once you reach the age of 9).

Shrimp Risotto

Oh so satisfyingly creamy! If you want some veggies in your life stir in a heaping cup of frozen green peas during the last couple minutes of cooking. Garnish each bowl with a hefty dose of freshly grated Parm and black pepper like a pro.



Meat isn’t always necessary. But don’t worry, flavor is always required.

Hummus Noodles with Tomatoes

That’s right, hummus makes for a dang good pasta sauce. Use the store-bought stuff if you’re extra low on time. No judgement over here.

Quinoa Minestrone

This fresh soup is packed with veggies and protein, so it will keep you full and satisfied until those cookies are done baking… or until the ice cream softens a bit. Top your minestrone with Parm right before digging in because cheese is always welcome.


Looking for more quick and easy recipes? We have a collection full of tasty ideas.


Easily Search your Recipe Notes

Private recipe notes are one of the many useful features of BigOven Pro. They’re like recipe reviews, but they remain private, and they’re not shown to anyone but you. You can add notes on recipes via the recipe detail page, via the BigOven mobile apps, or on the “Notes” tab on any recipe page on bigoven.com.

Search Notes Easily

You can now easily search those notes on www.bigoven.com, as well as browse a handy list of all the ones you’ve entered. To find the notes view, simply click on “My Recipes“, and then the notes icon in the upper navigation control. To search your notes, just type in the phrase in the search box to the right and press enter.

Easily search your recipe notes

You can also easily edit or delete any recipe notes you’ve added on the recipe detail page:


  • Love to entertain? Keep track of dishes you make, to avoid serving the same thing over and over again.
  • Enter the name(s) of the people you cooked a recipe for, or ones you might want to serve it — you can then just search on their name. It’s a handy cooking diary.
  • Enter your favorite wine pairings. When you’re serving particular wines, you can easily find recipes that pair well.
  • Enter adjustments to a recipe that make it just right for your family, or substitutions you think are best. Keep track of presentation tips and more. Notes are displayed only to you, and only when you’re signed in.

BigOven Pro is the ultimate tool for home cooks, and free to try for 30 days, and removes all ads wherever you sign in. Learn more.

You Only Need One Pot

Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Bake
Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Bake


These one-pot wonders make life easier.

And more delicious.

Plus, less dishes to clean for you!


Tired of chicken? Never! Simply switch up your chicken routine and dirty less dishes in the process. Winner winner…

Cilantro-Lime Chicken & Rice

Top this Southwestern rice dish with creamy avocado and your favorite salsa to amp up the flavor factor even more. Not a fan of cilantro? Simply leave it out.

Lemon Parmesan Chicken

Crispy and cheesy with a hit of zesty lemon. Green beans add some crunch and color. Broccoli would be tasty too!



Fill your plate, and go back for seconds because these dishes have a lot going on.

Mongolian Beef with Veggies

Skip take out and whip up your own Mongolian beef. Like it extra spicy? Douse the whole situation with more red pepper flakes <– Highly recommended. (Be sure to have an emergency glass of milk on hand.)

Apple Butter Pork Chop Skillet

Sweet, savory, and comforting. Serve with seasonal roasted veggies and lots of crusty bread to mop up any extra sauce.



One-pot recipes don’t always have to be rich, cheesy concoctions (although those guys do taste darn good). Stay on track and keep things on the lighter side… so you’ll have room for dessert, duh.

Dill & Lemon Baked Salmon

You’ll feel satisfied and energized after enjoying this simple, healthy meal. Now where’s that tub of ice cream? Balance.

Veggie Hash

This tasty meatless hash is packed with colorful veggies and protein. Serve for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Talk about versatility.


Looking for more one-pot meals? Head on over to our recipe collection.

BigOven Pro Lifetime Membership Now Available

One common request we get from BigOven Pro members is for lifetime BigOven Pro Membership.

People love BigOven Pro — it removes all advertising and unlocks great features like custom folders and a Menu Planner. But some customers have told us they’d prefer just a simple one-time payment, and not a recurring charge. So today, we’re introducing BigOven Pro Lifetime membership. For a one-time payment of $79, you can upgrade your account to BigOven Pro for life. You can use any credit card and even your Amazon account to pay. If you’re currently a BigOven Pro subscriber, all your data carries over, and your recurring charge (monthly or annual) will be cancelled. You can then enjoy all the BigOven Pro features wherever you sign in.

Remember, one BigOven Pro membership is all that’s required — BigOven Pro features carry across mobile and web points of service. Upgrade your membership today.

To learn more about BigOven Pro, compare BigOven Pro Member Levels.


Purchasing will upgrade your account to BigOven Pro membership for life. No further subscription charges for BigOven Pro will be required. Should you already have a BigOven Pro subscription purchased on mobile (e.g., via Google Play or the Apple App Store), you will need to cancel those subscriptions, because only you can do so; we cannot do so from our side. Fortunately it’s quite easy; specific instructions for your platform are emailed to you upon your Lifetime Pro Upgrade. Still have questions? Contact us.


Easily Revisit Recipes that You’ve Recently Viewed

By popular request, we’ve added a handy “Recently Viewed” option in your “My Recipes” area and in Search on the BigOven apps to list all the recipes you’ve recently viewed.

On the web, just click on “My Recipes” in the upper toolbar, and then “Recently Viewed” on the left hand view control. In the Android or iOS app, just tap the magnifying glass, and you’ll see an option for “Recently Viewed”. Your BigOven account keeps track of recipes you’ve viewed on any device.

To see the last recipes you’ve viewed in the app or the website, just click on Recently Viewed.

This feature requires a BigOven membership; it will not display recipes you view when you’re not signed in.

More Cheese Please

Grilled Fontina & Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches
Grilled Fontina & Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches


Introducing the cheesiest grilled cheese recipes.

For all your cheesy cravings.

And then some.



Grilled cheeses are the ultimate comfort food and will turn just about any frown upside down. Unless you’re all forgetful and burn your cheesy masterpiece… tear.

Grilled Cheese Roll Ups

Snack timeee! Dunk these simple roll ups in classic tomato soup or warm marinara. Or just send them straight into your mouth.

Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese

Are you a fan of cheesy spinach artichoke dip? Spinach artichoke grilled cheese sandwiches are even better. (For obvious cheese-related reasons… ahem, more cheese.)



Caviar, Champagne and… grilled cheese?! Oui oui.

Crab & Avocado Grilled Cheese

Creamy avocado and fresh crab make for a beyond decadent sandwich. These bad boys are richer than Bill Gates, so serve them up with a simple green salad for a “balanced” meal.

Brie, Fig & Apple Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese dinner party? Yes please! This fancy sandwich will impress all your high-maintenance guests.



Switch up the grilled cheese routine even more. We’re all about curve balls and excitement over here.

Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

This melty, gooey sandwich is smothered in a flavorful sauce made of blended veggies, cashews, coconut milk and spices. No actual cheese necessary, so vegans and lactose intolerant peeps rejoice!

Cauliflower Crusted Grilled Cheese

Make your “bread” out of cauliflower! This tasty version of a grilled cheese is gluten-free and lower in carbs. Just look at all of that heavenly cheese action.


Want even more cheese in your life? See our uber cheesy Grilled Cheese recipe collection.