BigOven Food Fight: Marshmallow Topped Sweet Potatoes vs. Naked Sweet Potatoes

Help us settle the age-old Thanksgiving arguments once and for all: #FoodFight.

Sweet Potatoes 11.1

In the BigOven office, there’s a raging debate happening on marshmallows. Sure, everyone loves a good s’more over a campfire on a warm summer night, but when else do marshmallows really surface in our everyday food consumption? On Thanksgiving, marshmallows come out of hibernation and steal the spotlight. Sweet potatoes, the darlings of the Thanksgiving sides family, are coated in sticky, sugary, marshmallow-y goodness. This side tastes like dessert, to the delight of children (and many adults) everywhere.

One of our team members loves marshmallows but can’t stand them in her sweet potatoes. Her crusade against these puffy pillows ignites each November. There will be no candied sweet potatoes at Meliza’s table, which some of our team considers a true Thanksgiving tragedy.

The debate rages on: the pro-marshmallow camp remains fiercely devoted to our fluffy friends, while the anti-mallow crew searches for the best updated sweet potatoes recipe out there (admittedly, there are many delicious ones here).

Introducing BigOven’s Food Fight: Thanksgiving Showdown

This Thanksgiving, we’re starting a #foodfight! Thanksgiving is the ultimate food holiday and there are a lot of decisions to make before the big day. Each day, we’ll be asking cooks to sound off on a Thanksgiving-oriented food or social debate.

What exactly is a “Thanksgiving-related debate” you ask?

Screenshot (19)

This debate is about tradition versus modernity, about appreciating the classics verses updating the dishes we have grown up eating each Thanksgiving. BigOven cooks, what’s your #foodfight? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be asking the tough questions and we want to hear you SOUND OFF.

Check back here daily for a new #foodfight and make sure to cast your vote! Join in the fun on our blog, Facebook and Twitter. One thing is for sure: no matter what the results are, we’ll be serving up some delicious Thanksgiving recipes, tips and ideas, so check back often!