The Best Grocery List for Home Cooks

Still using a paper list at the grocery store? You’re missing out. Go right from recipes to automatically-sorted time-saving lists. Text your list to someone else, or even share your list within your household. Watch this brief demo to see some of the things you can do with BigOven’s easy-to-use grocery list:

What’s available Today? The BigOven iOS Widget

Now you can have a BigOven widget in your Today View



Can’t remember what you have planned for tonight? Or perhaps you need some recipe inspiration? The BigOven widget can help you figure out what’s for dinner.


Swipe right over the home screen, lock screen or notifications on your iOS device. You’ll see Today View with info on weather, news, stocks, and your favorite apps. Add BigOven to that view to easily access the BigOven app.


How do I add the BigOven widget to my Today View?


1. Swipe right over the home screen, lock screen or notifications screen on your iOS device to get to Today View. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit.




2. Add the BigOven widget to the top section by tapping the + button. Reorder your widgets by touching and holding the three horizontal bars next to the apps.




3. Tap Done when you’re finished and you’ll see the BigOven widget in Today View. If you have something on your menu planner, the widget will show it to you. If you don’t use your menu planner, the widget will display our seasonal recipes.




Let us know what you think of the BigOven widget. What other uses can it be more helpful for you?

How to set up BigOven’s iOS Share Extension

The newly released iOS 10.4 contains the BigOven Share extension. Share extensions appear in the ‘share sheet’ window that pops up whenever you tap the share icon on your iOS device.

How to enable the BigOven Share Extension:

1) Open your favorite web browser on your iOS mobile device, then find a delicious recipe you’d like to save. Tap the Share extension.
2) When the share sheet window appears, swipe left and choose ‘More’ option.
 3) You will be in ‘Activities’ where you can toggle on/off and reorder your apps. Find BigOven and toggle it on.
 4) To easily find BigOven next time you want to share, reorder the list and add BigOven closer to the top. Tap Done.
 5) Now you’ll be able to see BigOven as a share option.
That’s all there is to it. Start sharing more recipes and happy cooking!

BigOven’s iOS 10.4 release lets you share with friends and family

BigOven 10.4 release includes the BigOven Share extension

 If you are a big fan of sharing, we’ve got something really useful for you! If you happen to be browsing around your mobile phone’s web browser, for instance, and find an interesting recipe, you can easily share by using the BigOven Share extension. How do I set it up?

How does it work?

1) Open your favorite web browser on your iOS mobile device, then find a delicious recipe you’d like to share. Tap the Share extension.
2) When the share sheet window appears, swipe left until you find BigOven. Tap BigOven:
 3) You’ll see a pop up appear with the recipe info. Tap ‘Post.’
 4) Go to your BigOven app and tap on the Activity icon (bell). You’ll see a message about the recipe you just added.
That’s it! Enjoy and share away. Happy cooking!

New for PRO members – Download and backup your recipes

download-recipesWant to make a backup copy of your recipes? You can now download them as a single .ZIP file. Your recipes will be sent to you as a ZIP file of .html files, one per recipe, in hrecipe format, which is an emerging recipe markup standard.

To backup your recipes, simply visit your Account Settings area, click the “Account” tab, and then “Backup Recipes”. This feature requires a current BigOven PRO membership.

Here at BigOven, our goal is to build the best-loved, most used app for home cooks. And well over half our new features and improvements come straight from you. So please let us know what you’d like to see in future versions!

Easily Edit Private Notes on Recipes (PRO)

Want to make personal notes on a recipe, capturing taste preferences, who you cooked for, or things you might do next time? BigOven PRO members can easily add and edit notes on the recipe detail page on the web.

Simply visit the recipe detail, click on the Notes tab, and enter the notes. If you’d like to change the note later, just click on it, and the change the text in the popup.

(Android and iOS clients will soon have full recipe note updating functionality.)

BigOven PRO members can also clone and customize any recipe on the site — simply click the Edit dropdown on the recipe page and choose “Copy and Customize.” This creates a private copy just for you, where you can edit the ingredients and instructions to suit your taste.

Edit notes on recipes
Edit notes on recipes

BigOven Desktop Uploader Makes Migration Easy

Got recipes in the BigOven for Windows desktop application? Earlier this year, we announced that the installed desktop .exe has been sunset. There are many reasons for that change explained in the linked post.

Not to worry, though – you can migrate your recipes to the cloud easily with the free BigOven Uploader tool, and get your recipes anywhere. We released an update today (v1.1) which fixes a couple bugs and makes the process easy.

Note that it doesn’t require that the BigOven for Windows application be running on the machine. But you’ll need Internet access, and since it sends a bunch of data to the servers, we recommend you use a fast internet connection.

Here’s how:

  • Download the free Cloud Uploader utility. (1.46Mb) Save the zip file to your computer. Extract the one file (setup) and double click to run it.
  • You’ll get a sign in dialog. Enter your email and password. (BigOven Pro membership is required.)
  • By default, it’ll load the startup recipe box that you used in Windows.
  • Choose the recipes you’d like to upload and click the right arrow to add them. Tip: Hold down ctrl or shift while you click to highlight more than one recipe.

When you’re ready, press the Upload button. It will go through each recipe and upload it to the cloud.


New: Share Grocery Lists and Menu Plans in your Household!

Use the free Grocery List and Menu Planner and share with other members of your household
See the latest changes your spouse makes to your family list — save time and money! Instantly share with other members of your household, and never forget another item.

Is there more than one grocery shopper in your home? Perhaps you’re at work, and your spouse is headed to the grocery store, and their idea of what to get at the grocery store isn’t the same as your own.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could all share a common grocery list, so that whenever either of you are at the store, everyone would see the list? Wouldn’t it be convenient to simply add recipes onto the household list, have all the items sorted by aisle, and just tell your spouse to simply check the free app for the list when at the store?

Starting today, you can do all that, and it’s free.

Share your list and menu plan easily.

Today, BigOven announces the immediate beta availability of shared grocery lists and menu plans for households for our mobile apps and website. This new feature allows multiple separate BigOven logins (free or Pro) to view and change a shared grocery list, once simple permissions have been set up.  This list is available anywhere, anytime.

It is free to all members and in beta now. It works across the web, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

Now any home can use a common grocery list and menu plan

If you’re married, or have a significant other, or simply have one or more roommates, it saves time and money to share a common grocery list. This lets each of you add items to the list wherever you like, and then, when the other person is at the grocery store, they’ll see the full list of items. No need to call, text or go home to grab the list off the fridge. It’s right there on your phone on the free BigOven app, or your wherever the closest web browser is.

BigOven grocery lists are flexible. You can add whatever you’d like to a BigOven grocery list. Line-items don’t have to be part of a recipe, but you can also add entire recipes at a time, or generate a grocery list from a date range of recipes on your menu planner. Items are automatically grouped for you by aisle. You can add items to your list from the web and it’ll be updated on all devices that share that list.

Easily share your grocery list and menu planner across accounts
Easily share your grocery list and menu planner across accounts

Easy Setup

Household sharing is easy to set up. Simply choose someone in the household to own the master list and plan, sign into the BigOven website, and do this:

  1. Visit your Account Settings on the web (
  2. Click on the “Account” tab
  3. Scroll down to “Household” and enter the email address of the person you’d like to invite.
  4. The person you’re inviting will receive an email. If they are not yet a BigOven member, they will be asked to get a BigOven account and download the app if they aren’t yet a member. You might want to separately contact them and show them the app.

Once the invitee accepts your invitation, you will all be using the same grocery list and menu plan in the apps and the website. That’s it!  You can invite multiple people to share your list and menu plan.

Add items once, see the changes everywhere

With BigOven, everything syncs and is changeable everywhere. Make a change on your iPhone and it’s available on the web. Add items to the web grocery list at work, and it’ll show up on your wife’s Android device. You get the idea.


Though you will be sharing the same grocery list and menu planner, you will not be sharing the same recipe library, favorites, folders, etc. This is intentional. You have your favorites, and the other household member may have theirs.

As of this writing, we do not send out notifications when changes are made to the list. But we could. (Would you like us to add a push notification to you when this happens? Let us know in the blog comments below.)

To see your list, simply load (or reload) the grocery list and menu planner to see the current state of the world. If you know there might be changes that have just happened (for instance, your spouse is adding items as you’re driving to the store), you should refresh your list manually before you begin.

Forcing a refresh of the grocery list:

  • On the web, you can see the latest simply by reloading the page.
  • On iPhone and Android, tug down on the grocery list to force a refresh. On Android and Windows Phone, simply navigate away from the grocery list and back to it to force a refresh.)

Unlinking Accounts

Change your mind? Move on from the household? You can easily unlink yourself from other members by clicking the “Revoke” button. This will send them an email and immediately unlink your grocery list and menu planners, reverting you each to your own private lists and plans.

We’re listening.

We want to hear from you! This feature is one of your most common feature requests. What do you think? Our goal is to be the most-used, best-loved app for home cooks. What could make it better?  Add a comment below, or jot us a note.

Troubleshooting Tips

Notice a bug? If your list is out of sync, make sure you’ve forced a refreshed the view on your device (see above). One thing to know is that the website always reflects the latest version of your grocery list, at So first, try check the list using both logins on a web browser; they should both be the same if the accounts are linked. Check the Account Settings area on both logins (Account Settings > Account area) to ensure they’re linked. If you’re still encountering difficulties, let us know by posting in the comments below, or jotting us a note.

Get the App

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