Recipe collectors, save recipes from your favorite websites!

BigOven’s Recipe Clipper is the simplest way to save the recipes you want from all over the web and then use them to make grocery lists, menu plans and more.  Today, we’re pleased to release a handy way to search clipper-compatible sites from our website and within the free BigOven apps.

Easily build your recipe collection by clipping!

Clipping recipes is one of four easy ways to get your recipes into BigOven. Here’s how:

From the BigOven iOS or Android apps

  1. Click your My Recipes area (the cookbook icon)
  2. Click the + in the upper right corner
  3. Choose “Recipe Clipper”
  4. Under “Find a recipe”, type your search term
  5. Tap on the recipe you’d like to save (this will navigate to it in the app’s browser)
  6. Click “Save Recipe” in the lower right

From the website

  1. From the "Add Recipe" page
    From the “Add Recipe” page

    Choose “Add Recipe” from the navigation bar (“…” when signed in)

  2. Choose “Clip it from any recipe site”
  3. Drag the “Save to BigOven” button to your browser’s “favorites” bar if you haven’t done so
  4. Scroll down on the page ( to see the search box
  5. Enter your search term, and visit the page
  6. Click the “Save to BigOven” button on your favorites bar

Recipes you add to BigOven are automatically synchronized for you and available in the iPhone, iPad and Android apps, as well as on the web.

While there are a myriad of other ways to organize your recipes online such as Pinterest and Evernote, only BigOven gives you:

  • a synchronized recipe box that works across iPhone, Android, the web and more,
  • an easy way to add recipes by snapping a photo,
  • an easy way to make recipes into grocery lists,
  • menu plans,
  • recipe resizing
  • nutrition tools
  • …and much more.

Grab BigOven’s Recipe Clipper today, drag and drop it onto your favorites bar, and start clipping!

Comparing Recipe Organization Options

Are you a recipe collector? There are plenty of options for storing recipes you find on the Internet; a frequent question we get here at BigOven is how we compare to all the other ways of storing and finding recipes.

The short answer is that BigOven is a complete recipe, grocery list and menu planning system for home cooks. It doesn’t treat your recipes as a general “document”, it treats it as a structured recipe, with an ingredients section, an instructions section, nutrition information, images and more. BigOven brings your recipes to you — whether it be at the grocery store, kitchen counter, on vacation, or your living room sofa. Companion apps for iPhone, Android device, iPad provide full functionality, as does your web browser. Items added or changed on one device show up on the other devices, reflecting the changes you’ve made. You can easily add or remove recipes from your grocery list. You can resize recipes up or down. You can even invite members of your household to share and edit your grocery list and menu plan.

Alernative Ways to Organize Recipes

The three basic options we’ve seen people use are:

  • Pinning sites (e.g., Pinterest)
  • Document organizers (e.g., Google Docs, OneNote or Evernote)
  • Dedicated recipe apps (e.g., BigOven)

While pinning sites and document managers are usually simple and free, the disadvantage of these approaches is that they don’t really know it’s a recipe. As a result, they don’t let you easily resize it up or down, don’t let you add it to a grocery list (and have items automatically sorted by aisle for you), they don’t let you see nutritional information, they don’t let you convert it to or from metric, don’t consolidate ratings very easily, and many other features.

What sets BigOven apart is that we make the entire process of searching, making a grocery list, resizing recipes, and planning a menu simple, from start to finish. BigOven is a home cooking app designed by home cooks. We wanted it to be simple to use, and synchronize your recipe box, recipe folders, menu plan, grocery list and more available to you wherever you need it.


View all your recipe notes in one place

See all your recipe notes at a glance

Want to jot notes to yourself about a recipe? BigOven Pro members can keep private notes on recipes for tweaks, who you served it to and what they thought, or other general things you might not want to share publicly.

For quite some time, you’ve been able to jot notes on recipes, and they’re right there on the recipe detail screen when needed.

But sometimes, it’s useful to see them all at a glance. You can now view all your notes in one place on, in your “My Recipes” view. Recipe Notes are private, and not shown to anyone else. You can keep your own notes on who-liked-what, or what tweaks you’d like to make, what to serve it with, or maybe which guest(s) you served it to and what they thought of it.

How to add a recipe note

You can add or edit notes on any recipe detail page, via the web or via the BigOven app. Whatever you enter will sync across your devices.

Edit notes on recipes
Edit notes on recipes on web


On the recipe detail screen, scroll down and click "Tap to Add a Note"
In the apps, on the recipe detail screen, scroll down and click “Tap to Add a Note”


How to view all your recipe notes

If you’d like to view all your recipe notes in one place, head to your “My Recipes” view, and click the (new) Note icon.


Click "My Recipes" then the note icon.
Click “My Recipes” then the note icon.

You’ll see them all in a paged list, most recent first.

View all your private recipe notes on one page

BigOven aims to be the best-loved, most-used recipe app for home cooks. We hope this makes it even easier for you to make something great tonight. Haven’t tried BigOven Pro? You can get a free two week trial today!

New for PRO members – Download and backup your recipes

download-recipesWant to make a backup copy of your recipes? You can now download them as a single .ZIP file. Your recipes will be sent to you as a ZIP file of .html files, one per recipe, in hrecipe format, which is an emerging recipe markup standard.

To backup your recipes, simply visit your Account Settings area, click the “Account” tab, and then “Backup Recipes”. This feature requires a current BigOven PRO membership.

Here at BigOven, our goal is to build the best-loved, most used app for home cooks. And well over half our new features and improvements come straight from you. So please let us know what you’d like to see in future versions!

Easily Edit Private Notes on Recipes (PRO)

Want to make personal notes on a recipe, capturing taste preferences, who you cooked for, or things you might do next time? BigOven PRO members can easily add and edit notes on the recipe detail page on the web.

Simply visit the recipe detail, click on the Notes tab, and enter the notes. If you’d like to change the note later, just click on it, and the change the text in the popup.

(Android and iOS clients will soon have full recipe note updating functionality.)

BigOven PRO members can also clone and customize any recipe on the site — simply click the Edit dropdown on the recipe page and choose “Copy and Customize.” This creates a private copy just for you, where you can edit the ingredients and instructions to suit your taste.

Edit notes on recipes
Edit notes on recipes

BigOven for iPhone 10.1 Release Now Available

iPhone-6--Screenshot--Homescreen--No-Background-2The latest update to BigOven for iPhone is now available! It’s free for all users.

It includes:

Add Notes to your Menu Planner

In the Menu Planner, click the “+” button, then ‘Add note’. Enter your note or meal idea, choose the date and meal, and then Done.

Create Grocery Lists from your Menu Planner

In the Menu Planner, simply click the “Edit” button on the left, then tap the recipes you’d like to add, then “Add to Grocery List” at the bottom of the screen.

Add a Photo to your recipes

In recipe detail, you can add a photo by tapping the 3 dots (…) and choose the option to ‘Add Photograph’.

Several bug fixes

Including an important one related to login. If you were having trouble signing in, please Sign Out and then sign back in again. (To sign out, click the alarm bell, then the gear, then Sign Out. Also fixed were a couple of crashing bugs, more efficient downloading for large accounts, and more.

You can find the update by searching “BigOven” on the App Store, or this link.

Happy cooking!


Suggest recipes for your friends to try

Ever have a great cooking experience that you want to make sure another friend will try? Or did a friend of yours just join BigOven? Now, you can easily start them off with a suggestion or two.

Get your friends cooking.

With BigOven, you’ve always been able to email recipes, or text them to others via the app. But sometimes, even those ideas are fleeting, and can get lost days or weeks later. Now you can recommend recipes right on your friend’s profile page, or from the recipe detail page on, and those recipe recommendations will go onto your friend’s Try list, and a message from you will be placed in their Activity area. (If they’ve enabled notifications, they’ll also see a notification from you.) This message comes with a handy link to the recipe, and the recipe will be placed in their “Try” list for their consideration. (They can always remove it by clicking on the bookmark again, to un-set that flag.)

Use it to suggest a dinner idea, or pass along a great recipe that you’ve just had!

You’ll need to know the BigOven username of the cook in question. To find their username, you can visit the BigOven cook directory.

Two easy ways

Recommend a recipe
Recommend a recipe right on the detail page
  1. Find a recipe on BigOven, and click “Share”
  2. Enter their email address or click the dropdown to choose their BigOven username

or, method 2…

If you’re on the cook’s profile page, click “Recommend Recipe”

Recommend a recipe right on a cook's profile page
You can recommend a recipe right on the profile page
  1. Find their user profile page — it will be at<username>.  Or, you can get there by clicking on their avatar, or searching our directory.
  2. Once you’re on their profile page, click on “Recommend a Recipe”, which is short for “recommend recipe to this person”
  3. You’ll get a popup window that lets you choose the recipe. Enter your comments and you’re done!

What they see

Your friend will get an email from you with a link to the recipe. Plus, if they’re using the latest version of our apps (or the website), they’ll see the recommendation, and your brief comment about it, right there in their inbox.

Under the bell, I see a message from bradygirl, with the recipe she recommends
Under the bell, I see a message from bradygirl, with the recipe she recommends



You'll also see the notifications area in the navigation bar on
You’ll also see the notifications area in the navigation bar on

The activity area is available in the new iOS app, the website, and new Android update available in May

More than 2,000 Food Blogs Add the BigOven “Save Recipe” Button

Looking for an easy way to expand your cooking horizons?

Follow a new food blogger today. There are now more than 2,000 food bloggers who’ve installed the free BigOven Recipe Plugin. As a BigOven user, you have the easiest way to save the recipes to make later. Build up your own private collection!

Ahead of Thyme
A Calculated Whisk
Budget Bytes


Visit any of the 2,000+ participating sites. Find a recipe you like? Click the “Save” button on the recipe detail page and it’s added to your collection. You can then take it with you to the store via the free BigOven mobile apps — when you search your collection for the keywords or ingredients, it’ll be there. You can even add it to grocery lists that automatically sort by aisle and are shared by members of your household.


This great-looking Cheesy Scallion Stuffed Jalapenos recipe is on the Budget Bytes website:


Yum. Want to save this? Simply look at the recipe detail, and click on the Save button:

Recipe Save Button

When you do that, up pops a window for you to sign into BigOven (if you’re not already). Click “Save”.

That’s it. The recipe is saved to your collection. The ingredients, a hero photo, and a handy link to the recipe is always there, wherever you use BigOven. You can add the items to your grocery list and you’re all set.  (Why not the full instructions? Read Our Pledge to Food Bloggers.)

Discover a new food blog you love, and easily save recipes to your own collection by browsing through our partner directory. You’ll find great food bloggers writing about the following topics:


Vegan and Healthy Cooking:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Nutrition and Diet:,,,,,,,,

Food Photography:,,,,,,

Budget Cooking:,,,,,,,

… and more!

For a complete list of Recipe Partners, see Are you a food blogger? Give your readers handy mobile features, and get free exposure with the BigOven Recipe Plugin!