Introducing the All-New BigOven iOS App: Cooking Simplified.

We’re proud to introduce a brand new version of our iOS app!

Got feedback? Leave it in the space below.

The all-new BigOven gives you delicious, seasonal recipe ideas every time you launch the app.

About the All-New App

The BigOven app for iPhone is a ground-up, all-new rewrite that we started in our studio over a year ago. We’ve taken the things you love about BigOven — recipe lookup, shopping and sharing — looked closely at how you’re using the app and thought through how to make it easier and faster. We’ve streamlined common tasks. We’ve also added new ways to see the activity of the cooks you like, follow new ones, and see what’s happening on recipes most relevant to you, such as being notified when people comment on recipes you post.

Our goal is to make it even easier for you to get a delicious homemade meal on the dinner table.

We aim to be the most-used, best-loved app for home cooks. We are home cooks ourselves, and want to help you as you discover, plan, shop, prepare and share great dinners. As software craftspeople, we look closely at each of those activities to see how we can use mobile, the cloud, personalization, social and more to make it even easier.

Our beta tests have included dozens of home cooks around the world, and they’ve helped us shape this major new update. We’ve gone through feedback on the App Store, emails to customer support, as well as the usage data in the app itself to see what’s important to you.  You’ve let us know the things about BigOven you love and the areas you’d like to see improved. We also know you love the old BigOven, and we want to bring the most important features you know and love forward into the new app.

We need your feedback below

We’ve put a lot of work into this app, but we know we couldn’t possibly get it all perfect in one go. So please, help us help you. Our development team is reading the comments section below, so let us know if we’ve missed something important to you and we’ll be sure to consider it for a future update. We plan updates for the indefinite future, so let us know what would make your tasks as a home cook, menu planner and grocery shopper easier!

[ED: On June 1, 2016, we released version 10.1, which adds Menu Planner Notes, Create-Grocery-List-From-Menu-Plan, and more.]

What’s new

  • Get inspiration from friends, family and food bloggers
  • Find recipes even faster with all-new Search
  • Shop faster at the grocery store, including off-line and household account sharing
  • Get around the app faster with clearer navigation
  • See activity on your recipes with an all-new Activity view
  • All-new technical foundation: fully rewritten in Swift, with a new back-end to power it

Get inspired by your friends, family and favorite food bloggers

Now, when you join or link by Facebook, you’ll see all your friends that use BigOven, and can follow them. When you follow a cook, you’ll see recipes they love (rate 4 or 5 stars) right in your home screen feed. You’ll also see recipes added by your favorite bloggers, who you can also follow right from the app.

You can now follow food bloggers, like Half Baked Harvest, in the app.

BigOven makes recommendations for you the more you use it

BigOven will bubble up recommendations based on how you’re using it. Our goal is to help you get unstuck, and eliminate that “what am I going to make tonight?” problem we all encounter.

Getting around BigOven is easier

BigOven’s navigation has been streamlined to get you quickly and easily from one feature to another. Whether it’s getting recipe ideas on your home screen, accessing your own recipes, creating a grocery list, making a meal plan or checking on messages, it’s all within easy reach with our updated navigation bar.

Activity keeps you up-to-date

View your messages in one place. Find Facebook friends who are also on BigOven. Get a message if someone comments on a recipe you’ve posted, if an action has been done on a recipe you’ve commented on, or if someone has @mentioned you. Personalize your profile page by adding a photo, see your recipe count, along with how many cooks you follow and how many cooks are following you.

 Find recipes even faster with all-new Search

Looking for a recipe? Just type in the title, ingredients or any keyword. You can get back to all the recipes you’ve viewed recently by tapping on the magnifying glass and then “All Recipes”. More recipes are displayed on each screen, and related recipes are shown to you right on the recipe detail screen.

The Search area of the app (magnifying glass) gives you easy access to your search history, most recently viewed recipes, recent raves and more.

Searching is faster

Some searches of your recipe collection are done locally on your phone, making them very fast. Plus, with an all-new search back-end, you’ll find many common searches are faster than in the old app, particularly seasonal collections.

Autocomplete saves you typing

BigOven now autocompletes your recipe searches with some of the more common recipe titles. (If you don’t see it suggested for you, be sure to search anyway; these are just the most common recipe titles.)

BigOven remembers your most recent searches

Enter your search, and you can choose to target all the recipes or just your own recipes. BigOven shows you the most recent recipes you’ve searched as well as your most recent search terms. And a handy autocomplete will suggest searches for you based on what you’re typing.

Tap the magnifying glass and choose how you’d like to search within the app. Are you on a quest to discover new inspiration from BigOven’s 350,000 recipes? Or would you prefer to locate a specific recipe in your recipe box? Or would you like to find a particular cook, blog or website on BigOven? We have many options for you to choose.

iOS Spotlight Search Now Has Your Recipes

You can now search your own recipes from Spotlight search on iOS! Just swipe left on the home screen.

Want an even faster way to search? Look for BigOven recipes using iOS Spotlight Search. Swipe right to access Spotlight Search from your home screen. Type in an ingredient or the name of the recipe you’re looking for and BigOven results will appear. Tap on the recipe and your BigOven app will launch and take you directly to that recipe. It’s easy and convenient.











 Faster, Shared Grocery List

We recently debuted a shared grocery list and with our redesigned app, it works even better. Now your household can have a common grocery list and you can avoid unnecessary return trips to the store.

Tap or swipe-left to strike-through an item when you’re at the grocery store. Click on the (i) circle to the right of each grocery line item to edit the item. When done, click “Edit” and then “Delete marked items” to remove.

We’ve added enhancements to make our grocery list easier to use as you add items, sort by department or by recipe, and mark off or delete as you grocery shop:

  • Tap on an item to strike it (tap again to unstrike it)
  • Edit an item by tapping on the (i) to the right
  • It’s faster — far fewer “synchronizing with server” moments
  • It’s local — you don’t have to be connected to the server to use it
  • Multiple BigOven accounts can share the same grocery list











BigOven continues to help home cooks get inspired and organized, in the kitchen and on the go. We will regularly update the app to add features and improvements, so let us know what you think!

Happy Cooking!

The BigOven Apps are Getting an All-New Design: Take a Sneak Peek!



BigOven is getting an all-new design, so cooking is even simpler. We’ve been busy polishing our apps to make them better, faster and easier. All year long, we’ve been listening to your feedback and we’ll be unveiling a NEW BigOven app in the coming months.

Want to be the first to give it a try? We’ll have a beta build available soon, so come join the BigOven Early Access Program to get a sneak peek. You’ll be able to check out the new, exciting features and let us know what you think! See instructions to join below for iOS and Android.

iOS users: If you want to participate, please request early access: Request early access to BigOven apps.

Android users: Please go to the Google+ Community link and click the red “Join Community” button.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.27.42 PM

After joining, click “Early Access Beta” in the About This Community section and follow the instructions.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.25.04 PM

Thanks and Happy Cooking from the BigOven Team!

BigOven Food Fight – Pie Accompaniments: Cool Ice Cream vs. Wonderful Whipped Cream



After everyone has stuffed themselves with turkey and fixings, hopefully there’s room left for something sweet. We all know Thanksgiving pies are the ultimate dessert! Whether it’s pecan or pumpkin or apple, one slice or two, pie perfectly closes out a delicious Thanksgiving feast. Now for the most important decision—which topping to choose for your favorite pie? Do you crave the simple, pure taste of ice cream? Or do you prefer the frothy goodness of freshly whipped cream?

An unadorned pie is a travesty to most. Some opt for a big rounded scoop of vanilla ice cream, adding just the right touch of cool creaminess to freshly baked pie. It’s a classic combo, that’s for sure. 

Others pick a heaping dollop of fresh whipped cream, providing an excellent airy accompaniment to pie’s down-to-earth goodness. Just don’t forget to lick the beaters! Unless your whipped cream is coming from the can. 

Either way, your taste buds will enjoy reaching their final plane of food nirvana as the Thanksgiving meal comes to a close.

So, will you be scooping on the ice cream or spooning on the whipped cream?



See Thanksgiving dessert ideas here.

BigOven Food Fight – Macaroni: Mac Attack vs. Hold the Cheese



Cheese lovers unite!

Fromage fiends always find a way to consume cheese 365 days a year, even during the most hallowed of festive celebrations, Thanksgiving. The creamy, comforting taste makes one think of home, warm kitchens and snuggly blankets. Mac n cheese is a quick and easy, catch-all dish for relatives who eat nothing but beige foods. Ahem, Uncle Joe, we’re talking about you. But does mac n cheese really belong on the Thanksgiving table?

Some think Thanksgiving is all about turkey and its traditional fixings. With the extra special care and attention placed on shopping, prepping, and cooking for weeks on end, mac n cheese may feel like the underdressed second cousin twice removed in the celebration.

Does your house welcome cheese to the feast or do you prefer to celebrate the Pilgrim way? Cast your vote!



Get more Thanksgiving stuffing and grains recipes.

BigOven Food Fight – Main Dish: Bird’s the Word vs. Switch Things Up



Ladies and gentlemen, a main dish battle is about to begin—an alternative (gasp!) main dish, a scruffy upstart, is pitted against the undefeated, all-time favorite powerhouse turkey! It’s a no holds barred, winner-take-all and leave-the-guests-in-a-food-coma epic event. Are you ready to rumble?

In this corner, may we present our champion turkey, the center of attention during the most cherished of all celebrations. The ultimate be all and end all of main dishes. The showstopping, aromatic bird that elicits the largest and loudest oohs and ahhs during this festive day.

In the other corner is the main dish with a twist, the alternative to boring ole turkey. It’s time to go rogue and give pork or beef or even tofurkey a showcase spot. Alternative main dishes will try to go toe to toe with the big, bland guy.

Come one, come all and see who will be victorious. The face-off begins on Thanksgiving Day and it’s up to you to declare the winner. Which dish gets the main title at your house?

This Thanksgiving, will you be taking the turkey’s side or going with the underdog?



Get Thanksgiving main dish ideas.

BigOven Food Fight – Sweet Potatoes: Fluffy Marshmallows vs. Less Is More



To marshmallow, or not to marshmallow your sweet potatoes, that is the question.

Some will pine for the marshmallow’s frothy goodness and revel in its utter decadence. Marshmallows will indeed find their place atop the tubers, eliciting rapturous exclamations of oohs and ahhs from children and grownups alike.

‘Tis not even a question for others. Marshmallows, in all their glorious poofiness, belong with scrumptious desserts and drinks like s’mores and hot cocoa. Blanketing the tops of sweet potatoes in a Thanksgiving meal? Nay. Sweet potatoes are called sweet potatoes because, let’s face it, they are already sweet. No additions needed. ‘Tis nobler to enjoy the sweet potatoes’ beautiful golden-orange color and their steady, starchy presence with naught else.

What say you in your house? To marshmallow, or not to marshmallow?



Get more Thanksgiving potato recipes.

Beat the Heat with Flavor-Packed Ice Cubes

Flavored ice cubes bring cooling relief from the heat and pack a delicious punch. Inspired by Rachael Ray Magazine, here are some favorites to add a burst of flavor and fun to your summer.

  • Summer fruit is abundant right now. Try single fruit concoctions or combinations, keeping fruit whole or pureeing into a mix.
  • Change up the temperature. Take hot things like chocolate or coffee, cool them and freeze. They can add sweetness or a jolt of energy to your drinks.
  • Add a splash of flavor. Spice up a cocktail with flavored ice cubes containing olives, pickles, tomato juice or your favorite hot sauce.

The best part about these ice cubes? The variety is endless and is only limited by your imagination. Play around with color and texture and see what results in your kitchen.

“Search within My Recipes” now available on iOS and Android apps

BigOven has rolled out Search within My Recipes on our iOS and Android apps as well!

iOS: My Recipes Search

Looking for your favorite chicken dish? On iOS, just click on the magnifying glass on the home screen to search within “My Recipes.” Get the results from recipes you’ve Added, marked as Favorite or Try.


Android: My Recipes Search

Looking for your favorite pasta dish? On Android, go to the slide out drawer from the home screen, click Search to get Advanced Search. In Advanced Search, type in keyword or title and you’ll get results from recipes you’ve Added, marked as Favorite or Try.

Screenshot_2015-04-20-16-10-50 Screenshot_2015-04-20-16-10-55
Give it a try and let us know what you think. Happy Cooking!

BigOven Early Access Program wants you!

BigOven is looking for home cooks who want to get early access to BigOven features and try them out before everyone else. If you love your BigOven app, come join the Early Access Program.


Get a behind-the-scenes sneak peek! If you’re on this list, when BigOven has new releases ready to go, you’ll get early access (for free) and can provide us immediate feedback before we make a broader release to millions of cooks. Instructions to join below for Android and iOS.

Android users: Please go to the Google+ Community link.

iOS users: Please send an email: Request early access to BigOven apps.

Thanks and Happy Cooking!

BigOven proudly partners with Samsung’s Chef Collection Series

BigOven is pleased to be featured in Samsung’s Chef Collection Series Tablet.

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 this week, Samsung unveiled their Chef Collection Series partners. Samsung launched a culinary initiative to create its next-generation appliances, The Chef Collection Series. In their effort to take a holistic approach to the cooking process, Samsung is introducing content and services via their Chef Collection tablet, pre-loaded with its own Chef Collection app. The app will showcase cooking content and recipes from noted partners such as BigOven. Updated bi-weekly, the app will provide recipe inspiration for cooks, whether they are making something for dinner that night, or preparing a special occasion meal. 

In addition, BigOven’s app will be pre-installed with the exclusive Chef Collection tablet, available in Spring 2015.