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Antipasto Zoodles
Antipasto Zoodles


Is cooking always necessary?

No, no it is not.

Especially when it’s hot hot hot out and the last thing you even want to think about is turning on that dreaded oven.

Or even the microwave.

So instead of relying solely on lemon water and cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whip up one or all of these refreshing no cook recipes.



Wait, what? No one wants to down a bowl of piping hot liquid during the summer months.

So why don’t you give chilled soup a try.

Fresh Tomato Soup

Only 5 ingredients required? Yes please! You can certainly break the rules and dunk a perfectly golden brown and gooey grilled cheese in there. (We won’t tell.)

Veggie Gazpacho

Kind of like a Bloody Mary minus the alcohol. A splash of vodka definitely couldn’t hurt…

Chilled Avocado Soup

Slightly obsessed with avocados? Give avocado toast a break (just for one day) and drink the stuff instead. Chewing is overrated anyway.

Strawberry Melon Gazpacho

Even if you’re usually all gazpach-no, this fruity soup will certainly change your mind. Think refreshing summer smoothie that you can slurp down with a very large spoon.



We’re not talking about your standard Caesar (which is delicious in it’s own standard way). Now’s the time to think outside that box of greens.

Raw Taco Salad

Skip the ground beef and grab some walnuts instead. This taco salad will give you an energy boost instead of the urge to take a 3.5 hour siesta.

Tuna & White Bean Salad

Pile it on a slice of hearty whole grain bread, stuff it into a jumbo wrap, or simply take a forkful straight to the mouth. Just don’t forget a breath mint.


Are you the type to save all the croutons for last, then savor and enjoy them one by one? Panzanella is basically a crouton salad with some veggies thrown in the mix. In other words, a carb lover’s dream.


Rolls & Sandwiches:

Fun to make, fun to eat, and fun to share. Well maybe not the sharing part.

Fresh Spring Rolls

A valid excuse to consume copious amounts of addictive peanut sauce. Not that you ever need an excuse.

Paleo California Rolls

Rolls without the rice! If you’re not about that Paleo lifestyle, you could certainly include rice in this equation.

Veggie Goddess Sandwich

Meat isn’t always necessary. Especially when you can slather on the hummus like there’s no tomorrow.



Uncooked crunchy ramen noodles may be tasty, but you can do better…

Raw Vegan Lasagna

If “raw” and “vegan” are foreign terms to you, all hope is not lost. Just remember, “lasagna” is in the title.

Antipasto Zoodles

Whoever came up with the grand idea to magically transform zucchini into noodles deserves an award. A major award.



For when Joe the ice cream man skips your neighborhood and you need a break from your good friends Ben & Jerry.

Mango Sorbet

When your dessert counts as a serving of fruit, you know you’re doing something right. Oh, and sorbet happens to be vegan and gluten-free.

Frozen Apricot Almond Dessert

Sometimes an ice cream cake is in order, but cake just isn’t your thing. This recipe will solve that dilemma.

Raw Banana Ice Cream

Technically this frozen treat isn’t ice cream at all, but it will still satisfy your sweet tooth when that midnight snacking hour hits.


The no cook inspo doesn’t end here. Take a peek at more chill recipes, including Avocado & Chicken Tortilla Wraps, Zesty Black Bean & Corn Salad, and Salmon Ceviche.


BigOven Food Fight – Pie: Nuts for Pecan vs. Pumpkin Pretty Please



After you’ve pondered the pie crust dilemma and have finally chosen to go with homemade or store-bought, it’s time to make yet another momentous decision.

What will the filling be?

If your sweet tooth controls your life and you crave sugar at all times of the day (and night) pecan pie is probably the most suitable choice for you. It is sweet, plus pleasantly crunchy and nutty. A satisfying dessert for sure. Especially if you smother it in whipped cream or ice cream… we’ll get to that later. Besides, a dessert involving vegetables certainly cannot be considered a real dessert.

But maybe the true meaning of Thanksgiving to you is “pumpkin pie”. If pumpkin pie was not consumed, then Thanksgiving never happened. Plus, anything and everything pumpkin must make its way inside your tummy this time of year. And when desserts include veggies, you can rationalize inhaling 3 servings at least. The choice is obvious.

Devour both?

Are you a fan of pecan or purely pumpkin?



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BigOven Food Fight – Potatoes: Purely Mashed vs. Roasted & Crispy



Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without potatoes.

Especially mashed potatoes. They’re so creamy, thanks to butter and… cream. And nothing is more enjoyable than forming the perfect well in the center of your mashers to hold all of that lovely, rich gravy.

Whoa, whoa. Let’s add a bit more texture to this whole potato situation. Baby food consistency is never ideal (unless you’re missing a majority of your chompers). What we’re really going for is crispy roasted potatoes. A drizzle of olive oil, big pinch of salt and maybe a sprinkling of rosemary is all that’s required. Let the potatoes really shine. Are you eating potatoes whipped with butter and cream, or butter and cream whipped with potatoes?

Hmm good question.

Will you be digging your spoon into a mound of fluffy mashed taters or taking a fork to some crispy spuds?



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BigOven Food Fight – Pie Crust: Homemade All the Way vs. Store-Bought Hits the Spot



Pie crust has to be the very best part of a pie. It’s buttery, flaky, tender and perfectly golden brown.

All you need is a few ingredients and the crust is underway. Just a bit of finagling (plus a lot of experience) and your pie will be ready for the oven.

But why is it crumbling? And why is it stuck to the rolling pin, parchment paper, your hands and your hair? Plus how did it become so gummy and tough? Fail.

Just quietly creep on over to the frozen aisle of the nearest grocery store and grab yourself a couple premade pie crusts. You are making the filling and baking the thing after all, so 66.667% homemade can reasonably translate to 100% homemade. And it might actually taste a lot better than if you went through with making your own crust from scratch.


Will you be rolling out the dough or pulling out the dough (from a box) this Turkey Day?



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BigOven Food Fight – The Menu: Stick to the Tried & True vs. Try Something New



Coming up with the Thanksgiving menu can either require no thought at all or a lot of brainstorming.

You can go the easy route and just do the exact same thing you did the year before. And the year before that, and the year before that… basically cook up the dishes that your great-grandmother used to back in the day. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But maybe your taste buds are getting a wee bit tired of the same old gluey mashed potatoes drowned in the same old giblet gravy plopped right next to the same old questionable green bean casserole. Why not swap in a fresh kale salad topped with bright pomegranate seeds? Perfectly roasted parsnips could surely replace those sad mashed potatoes and no one would know the difference. Just be sure to keep that raspberry jello salad or your younger sister might start throwing punches over the modernized feast.

Decision, decisions.

Will you be sticking with tradition or switching things up?



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BigOven Food Fight – Bread with Dinner: Gimme Some vs. No Thanks



It’s hard to beat warm, homemade bread.

You tear off a fluffy piece of carb heaven, slather on the butter or gravy (or both) and let it melt onto your tongue as you savor it ever so slowly. Biscuits, crescent rollsa rustic loaf… it’s all good and all welcome onto your Thanksgiving plate. Bread and stuffing? Bring it on! You know what they say, go big or go home.

Just wait a minute. You can devour a basket of bread any ole day. Thanksgiving is dedicated to the turkey. Plus the stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, green beans, cranberries, gravy and pie. There’s simply no room in your belly for more food. It would be physically impossible to fit even one buttermilk biscuit into your stomach after going back for seconds… er fourths. And come on, pie > bread.

Or is it?

Will you be noshing on some extra carbs or kicking bread to the curb this Thanksgiving?



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BigOven Food Fight – Stuffing Composition: Oysters for Days vs. No Shellfish in My Dish



Who doesn’t love stuffing? It’s another vehicle for gravy and makes the best leftovers.

Some may argue that oysters are necessary when it comes to cooking up the most delicious stuffing. They add that something something that you just can’t get otherwise. You know, that je ne sais quoi.

If you’re all “je ne sais what?!” and gag when you hear the word “oysters” you’ll probably be leaving these sea creatures out of your Thanksgiving stuffing. Oysters may be considered a delicacy by some, but no way will you be convinced. Never.

Although… if you chop them up real small, it’s like they’re not even there, right?

Are oysters allowed in your Thanksgiving stuffing or out of the question?



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BigOven Food Fight – Cranberries: Canned Crans vs. From Scratch



Ahh cranberries. They’re the perfect amount of sweet, tart and tangy. Plus they cut the richness of all that turkey and gravy.

Perhaps you’re the type that reaches for a can or two of the stuff without thinking twice. Why dirty more pots and pans making dish number 14 when you can simply whip out your can opener then spoon some awesomeness into a bowl and call it good. If anyone asks, yes, they are indeed homemade.

But maybe the thought of plopping a gelatinous cran mass onto a plate makes you cringe just a little. If you’re already spending 49 hours preparing Thanksgiving dinner, what’s another 17 minutes? Besides, your daughter-in-law would shake her head in dismay if she found out you took the easy route, and you’re never one to disappoint. Homemade it is.

Or not?

When Turkey Day rolls around, will you be saying “yes” to the can or whipping up your own batch of crans?



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BigOven Food Fight – Food Touching: Encouraged vs. Not Okay



Thanksgiving means lots and lots of food. Plate real estate becomes rather valuable so you have to formulate your plan of attack with careful consideration.

One route is to just pile it on. Think Leaning Tower of Pisa in turkey dinner form. Who cares if everything touches? At the end of the day, it all ends up in the same place anyway. Plus a mouthful of cranberries, potatoes, gravy and turkey is probably the best combo of flavors known to mankind.

However, the mere thought of different foods touching might make some folks start to panic and sweat. No no no! The mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes are not allowed to mingle! Flavors are meant to be enjoyed one at a time. Human taste buds simply cannot handle so much stimulation. Neat, separate piles of each Thanksgiving dish is the only (and correct) way to go.

But is it?

This Thanksgiving, will you be casually cramming or deliberately dividing?



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