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BigOven Food Fight: Round Three Recap



Mac & Cheese – Gimme or Pass?

The breakdown:

  • 57% won’t be having mac n cheese on their Thanksgiving table
  • 43% are pro mac


We all know that decadent, mouthwatering mac n cheese would steal the show. Turkey, you lucked out. In most households the spotlight is still on you.

Giving Thanks vs. Saying Grace

The breakdown:

  • 63% always give thanks
  • 37% opt for a communal grace


Although it may take 37 minutes for everyone to share what they are thankful for (ahem, the food is getting cold), at least you avoid mumbling along to a prayer you clearly forgot. Shame!

Food Coma vs. “Fun” Activity

The breakdown:

  • 65% will be living on the couch
  • 35% will be up and active


Be sure to claim your spot on the comfy couch. Unless there is a fur rug nearby it’s best to avoid sprawling out on the ground. Your younger cousin may try to engage you in a wrestling match, which clearly you are in no condition to participate in.

Sit-down vs. Buffet Style

The breakdown:

  • 56% believe buffets are the best
  • 44% think sit-down dinner is the way to go


Maybe lines aren’t all that bad. You might as well start practicing for Black Friday shopping. Just try to keep your elbows to yourself during dinner.

Play it Safe or Join the Dark Side? White Meat vs. Dark Meat

The breakdown:

  • 60% prefer moist dark meat
  • 40% will only touch white meat


Dark, moist and full of flavor is the preferred option here. Breast people, seems like you won’t have to put up much of a fight to get what you want. Dark meat folks, be prepared to finagle a thigh onto your dinner plate… anything goes.

Fam Only vs. Including Friends & Randos

The breakdown:

  • 62% say the more the merrier
  • 38% stick with just family members


Why not welcome those friends and randos into your home on Thanksgiving? Who knows, they might bring along some entertaining stories and (most importantly) a nice bottle of wine that you can stash away before the masses catch on.

Festive Spiked Cider or Good Ole Beer?

The breakdown:

  • 63% say give me some cider
  • 37% believe nothing beats beer


Cider is bubbly and festive, and beer is just… bubbly. So kick that can of light beer to the curb and grab a bottle of locally brewed apple cider.

Veg Head or Simply Nuts? Pumpkin Pie vs. Pecan Pie

The breakdown:

  • 62% love pumpkin pie most
  • 38% choose pecan pie


Yes, pie in general is a magical thing, but pumpkin pie has to be consumed on Thanksgiving. Sure you can have some pecan pie too, although that pumpkin slice of yours must be bigger!

That concludes our BigOven Food Fight: Thanksgiving Showdown. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


BigOven Food Fight: Veg Head or Simply Nuts? Pumpkin Pie vs. Pecan Pie


For many, pie is the highlight of Thanksgiving. Something about that subtly sweet, buttery crust, the decadent, freshly whipped cream on top, and… but wait, what type of filling?

True pumpkin pie fans believe that this traditional dessert is a must. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without it. Plus, pumpkin is a vegetable so you’re allowed to go back for thirds. Don’t be surprised if you stumble into a pumpkin pie fanatic “sleepwalking” Thanksgiving night with a leftover slice in hand. The next day he’ll claim that he doesn’t remember a thing regarding last night, and then proceed to eat the remainder of the pie for breakfast, as if cavities aren’t a thing anymore.

Even though pumpkin pie has a strong following, some will argue that pecan pie is superior. It has a nutty crunch, and the different textures keep your palate interested, unlike boring pumpkin pie. Pecans are a good source of protein, so this pie must be healthy too. Despite the fact that you’ll have to walk the dog around the block approximately 99 times to burn off all those calories.

If you are the indecisive sort, no one will judge if you grab a slice of both. We can all be thankful for sugar together.


BigOven Food Fight: Play it Safe or Join the Dark Side? White Meat vs. Dark Meat


Ahh turkey meat. The source of Thanksgiving brawls year after year.

Fans of pristine white meat argue that it’s much healthier and frankly, not gross like that slimy dark meat. What part of the turkey did that dark piece come from anyway? Breasts are always better, than say, those inferior thighs.

Dark meat lovers vow that dark meat is a million times more flavorful and moist. White meat is so dry… so very dry! In order to make white meat palatable you need to smother it in gravy, and then the healthy factor goes straight down the drain.

Of course white meat devotees and dark meat buffs are almost always feasting at different homes on Thanksgiving, resulting in either everyone bickering over the breasts or everybody throwing punches for the dark pieces. Maybe you should check with your neighbors and do a meat swop if you’re on a different turkey team. And if you’re the one carving the bird, go ahead and slip some of your favorite turkey parts into your pocket. (No one will know it was you, except maybe the dog.)

BigOven Food Fight: Sit-down vs. Buffet Style


Food placement. A seemingly minor detail that’s actually a big deal.

Perhaps you enjoy sitting down with your family and friends all at the same time and passing around various platters and bowls to one another, helping each other out by scooping for the young ones, holding heavy dishes for the members lacking upper body strength, and informing your senile great-aunt what food is in front of her. This route requires some prior planning and coordination. Clockwise passing or counterclockwise? You take the gravy boat from me as you simultaneously pass him the potato bowl while he pushes the turkey her way… and so on.

For the more clumsy families, a buffet might be the way to go. All the dishes remain stationary (unless your buffet table gives out) and all food items are placed in an order that works for everyone. Gravy last! The only downside is that hungry, often hangry, people have to wait in line, and the line order has to be determined based on what? Seniority? Favorites? Whoever is most hungry? This once again gets complicated and there is bound to be some resentment when your sister discovers that her favorite Jell-O salad is gone before her turn arrives.

BigOven Food Fight: Round Two Recap

Assigned Seating 11.13

Kid Table vs. Grown-Up Table – Who Really Has More Fun?

The breakdown:

  • 55% want to socialize with the grown-ups
  • 45% would rather hang with the kids


A majority prefers to converse at the grown-up table while politely nibbling small bites of turkey and sipping on fine wine. Translation: a majority prefers to gossip at the grown-up table while inhaling turkey and gulping bottles of bottom shelf wine.

Your Mama’s Green Bean Casserole vs. Roasted Almond Green Beans

The breakdown:

  • 54% roasted green beans forever
  • 46% casserole fans


At this rate, casseroles will become extinct in approximately 87 years. Take a trip to the museum and you’ll find a green bean casserole next to Mr. Tyrannosaurus rex.

Telly – On or Not?

The breakdown:

  • 51% the telly must be on
  • 49% leave that thing off


Just over half of families and friends out there can be considered a bit awkward and prefer not to interact with others on Thanksgiving. Can we blame you?

The Canned Stuffed vs. Homemade Cranberry Sauce

The breakdown:

  • 57% believe cranberry sauce must be made from scratch
  • 43% think sauce from the can is perfectly fine


Save the can for another day (or never) because homemade cranberry sauce clearly is the way to go. Yes it might be a bit more work, but tacking on 15 minutes to your 19 hour cooking schedule really won’t make much of a difference.

Gorge Early or Build Some Anticipation?

The breakdown:

  • 58% all about linnertime
  • 42% all about dinnertime


If you’re going to eat a lot, you might as well start as early as possible. Linner lovers can eat, take a nap, go back for seconds, take another nap, go back for thirds, go to bed, and then get up for a midnight snack. Sounds like the perfect game plan to maximize turkey consumption.

Creamy & Plain vs. Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

The breakdown:

  • 54% love garlicky herbiness
  • 46% prefer creamy and plain


Haven’t you heard? Herbs add a ton of fresh flavor and garlic has health benefits galore. We know the real reason you chose garlic herb mashed potatoes though… to ward off your friend’s weird cousin Harry with your gnarly garlic breath. Props.

Assigned Seating or Free-for-All?

The breakdown:

  • 78% want to choose their seat
  • 22% are fine leaving it up to the host


Why would you even consider allowing the host to choose your seat? Of course you’ll end up wedged in a corner where the only means of escape involve crawling under the table and maneuvering around swinging legs and smelly feet… and the drooling dog who is still hoping to get some of those Brussels sprouts.

Host Keeps the Goodies or Shares the Leftover Bounty?

The breakdown:

  • 75% Thanksgiving is all about sharing
  • 25% the host deserves all the leftovers


Clearly 25% of the people who answered this question will be hosting Thanksgiving this year and 75% will be guests.

Cook Does it All or Passes Off the Cleaning Duty?

The breakdown:

  • 91% the cook should take a rest
  • 9% let the host take care of everything


Cooks, you better be resting after dinner! Go ahead and let your drunk aunt clean the fine china. You definitely deserve some couch time after stressing out for the last 24 hours.

Squash – Overload or Keep It Coming?

The breakdown:

  • 60% can’t get enough
  • 40% sick of squash


Don’t worry squash, you’re still popular.

Roast Turkey vs. Fried Fowl

The breakdown:

  • 84% roasted turkey
  • 16% fried fowl


Frying a large bird is indeed a scary thing. You’re definitely better off roasting your turkey in the oven… unless you find using your oven scary too. In that case, we recommend someone else cook your turkey. (You can scoop the cranberry sauce out of a can.)

Round two of our BigOven Food Fight is settled. Check back on our blog every day for a fun, new topic. We still want to hear from you!

BigOven Food Fight: Mac & Cheese – Gimme or Pass?

11.18 Mac n Cheese

It’s creamy. It’s comforting. It’s cheesy. It’s mac n cheese! A childhood favorite, mac n cheese is hard for just about anyone to resist. (If you’re lactose intolerant… please do resist and dig into some dairy-free mac instead.) The main question here revolves around mac n cheese’s place on the Thanksgiving table. Is it a must or absolutely unwelcome?

If you love it, then you should be able to enjoy it whenever you want, even on Thanksgiving. Your birthday only occurs once a year, and you need another holiday (yes, your birthday is considered a holiday) to dedicate to gorging on a golden brown hot cheesy pasta bake. Who cares about turkey anyway?

But… maybe it is all about that turkey. Thanksgiving should be about tradition. The Pilgrims and Indians probably didn’t enjoy a serving or three of cheesy baked pasta. Wait… did they even serve turkey back then? Hmmm.

Before you traditionalists start to panic, let’s bring our focus back to mac n cheese. Will this decadent dish appear on your Thanksgiving table?

BigOven Food Fight: Roast Turkey vs. Fried Fowl

Roast Turkey vs Fried Fowl 11.17

Much of Thanksgiving stress starts with the turkey itself. What size? Fresh or frozen? Organic or conventional? And most importantly, how are you going to cook the thing?

A tried and true method for preparing your Thanksgiving bird is to simply roast it in the oven. All you have to do is give it a good ole butter rub down then season with salt and pepper. Tent with foil, pop that sucker in the oven and you’re good to go. Just don’t forget it’s in there! Smokey Bear is an unwanted guest, particularly on this day.

If you’re feeling up to a challenge, you could consider deep frying your turkey in a vat of boiling oil. (Frying novices, please don’t get any ideas.) A crispy skin with a moist (and cooked) interior is what we’re going for here.

Vegetarians, don’t despair! Here’s a tasty tofurkey recipe for you.


BigOven Food Fight: Creamy & Plain vs. Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes 11.12

Do you like em creamy and plain, no-frills no-dill? Or perhaps you prefer them infused with garlic and laced with herbiness? You guessed it, we’re talking potatoes.

Some believe that Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes have no place on the Thanksgiving table. Mellow potatoes should accompany your turkey and serve as a neutral note to balance that tart cranberry sauce. Plus, it’s the only thing your picky teen will eat.

Others argue that simple mashed potatoes are a bit too plain, maybe even a waste of time. Add some zing and bam! Your potatoes got a makeover… heads are turning.

So it all comes down to your objective: be a people pleaser or make a statement. It’s your call!

BigOven Food Fight: The Canned Stuff vs. Homemade Cranberry Sauce


Running low on time? Bust out a can of cranberry sauce that’s been sitting in your pantry since last Thanksgiving, scoop it into a nice bowl and serve. No one will ever know, right? Tangy and tart with a hint of sweetness, many Thanksgiving eaters can’t even tell the difference between homemade sauce and the canned variety. The turkey is supposed to take center stage anyway, so you might as well let that bird shine.

Perhaps you’re a perfectionist and serving anything out of a can is in no way acceptable. What would Beyonce do? She would whip up some homemade cranberry sauce, send that can “to the left to the left” and have everyone wondering how cranberries stole the show. So channel your inner diva and work that sauce.

Anyone still up for the can?