The Best of Summer



Coconut Ice Cream

Well…the weather has definitely proven that it’s summer! And it sure has been an eventful season already.

The summer season is meant for lots of activities. Of course it’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors but temperatures are warm enough these days to make preparing food miserable. So when it’s time to start thinking about food, what can you make that doesn’t take a lot of effort while still being flavorful?

Here are a few recipes that will leave you satisfied instead of burned out (pun intended).

Fresh Veggie Summer Rolls

Veggies are a great choice for a healthy snack or quick lunch. These veggies rolls are stuffed with summer vegetables and can be wrapped with cucumber or zucchini. So cute and really tasty, all while being super healthy!

Squash Pancakes

To the naked eye, these look like crispy golden latkes but instead of potatoes, try grated summer squash. So good!

Summer Grilled Mexican Street Corn Quinoa Salad

It sounds like a mouthful, and it is in every way. This quinoa salad is full of so many delicious ingredients that it’s impossible not to love the combination. Plus, any day you can eat Mexican street corn is a good day!

Grilled Surf and Turf Salad

Ok, this recipe does actually require some flames from the grill but it’s worth trying to power through the summer heat for.  It’s a fun spin on traditional Surf & Turf – just add some fresh spinach and watercress and drizzle with a homemade dressing for a savory tossed salad dish full of flavor.

Don’t forget to save room for some homemade ice cream and refreshing drinks. Here’s a collection of other perfect summer recipes to enjoy.

Happy cooking!



Fun & Creative Independence Day Recipes



Patriotic Bundt Cake

It’s that time of year again: the time where Americans prepare to stock up on tons of sunscreen for outdoor activities, find their most patriotic clothing, and of course, get excited for all the good food Independence Day seems to provide every year.

There are so many food traditions revolving around the 4thof July that food creativity can seem hard to achieve. Although burgers, BBQ, and beer are certainly some of the most enjoyable of them all, there are other ways to get creative with your recipes this July 4th.

Here are 4 fun ideas that will inspire you to get creative and colorful with simple ingredients you may not have thought of before!

Patriotic Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Poppyseed Dressing 

Celebrating doesn’t always have to mean being unhealthy. You can easily enjoy this healthy fruit salad AND be able to scream “Merica” at the same time. All you need are the right colored fruits, a star-shaped cookie cutter, and you’re set. Red and blue berries, apples, and just a few other ingredients and you’ve got healthy, creative 4th of July dish.

Patriotic Potatoes with Mustard Sauce 

This is such a simple idea that also makes complete sense! Show your spirit with red, white, and blue potatoes. This recipe is really easy plus the sauce has bacon and sour cream…Boom!

Cookie Dough Truffles 

There are several reasons why these truffles should absolutely be on your food list. For starters, there are only 3 ingredients and these can be made so quickly. And these “cookie dough” truffles aren’t real cookie dough FYI, so no need to worry about consuming raw foods-these are actually made from a cake mix and butter mixture. Add some red, white, and blue sprinkles, chill for 30 minutes and you’re ready to chow.

Cupcakes in a Jar

Talk about a great idea. This recipe is like having both a cupcake and a pie at the same time. There are so many flavors and each bite tastes like something different (and better) than the last. Check this recipe’s ingredients out and find out how to assemble it into the jar properly so things don’t get messy. Although, it would be a beautiful, tasty mess.

See? The limit for creativity this Independence Day expands much further than you may have realized.

Get creative with your food choices this year. There are a ton of ideas, but we’ve created an Independence Day Collection to help you get more inspired and excited to celebrate.

Happy cooking!



Perfect Picnic Foods



Food to bring on a perfect picnic
Homemade Potato Chips


The ice and snow have finally decided to move along and allow us to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather.

If you’re anything like us, you’re itching to be outside as much as possible before the brutal heat of summer arrives. We’re yearning to fill our evenings and weekends enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible.

This is the perfect time for planning a picnic to connect with family, friends, or a loved one. When was the last time you got to relax and enjoy the outdoors with great company? And no need to stress about the planning- it can be easier than you think. Just choose a nice location and let us help with your food prepping.

If you’re wondering what food you should pack for a picnic, remember to think about goodies that can be made ahead, don’t require too much refrigeration, and are light to carry. Here are a few food ideas to get you started:

Homemade Ranch Zucchini Chips

These zucchini chips are really easy to make at home and can travel well, of course. Plus, it’s a healthier alternative for greasy, salty store-bought chip brands.

Chicken and Smoke Gouda Wrap

Typically picnics and sandwiches are associated with one another, but eventually you’ll bored with sandwiches, right? A wrap is a great spin on the traditional picnic sandwich and this chicken and smoked gouda is a fantastic recipe to try.

Mini Sweet Potato Pies

You can’t forget the picnic sweets, but sometimes it’s too much of a pain to 1) make a whole pie and 2) make sure there’s enough room for it in the basket. These mini sweet potato pies are perfect for picnicking and not to mention, they’re adorable.

Roasted Rosemary and Cayenne Nuts

Nuts are an often overlooked, but convenient choice for events like this. They don’t require refrigeration, they’re light, and can be made ahead of time. Fancy them up with spices and you’re set.

Wash it all down with a yummy lemonade or refreshing cocktail and enjoy! It really is that simple.

Get creative most importantly, have fun. Here’s a whole list of more recipes to help with your food planning if you’re looking for more ideas. Feel free to share your favorites as well!

Happy cooking!



Father’s Day Recipe Ideas



Grilled Ribeye Steak and more Father's Day recipe ideas
Grilled Ribeye Steak



Father. Papa. Dad. Pops.

No matter what you call him, it’s time to celebrate! What better way to make the special man in your life feel appreciated than a homecooked meal?

When we asked the dads here in our office what their favorite part of Father’s Day was, the majority of the answers included spending time with family and eating good food.

When we asked others how they liked to celebrate Father’s Day with the dads in their life, most people mentioned visiting favorite restaurants or hosting a party.

Notice a common theme here? Most everyone chooses to fill the day with FOOD!

And of course, right? Food is one of the best parts of a celebration! Memories, laughs, comradery, love…all these are shared around the table (or wherever you enjoy eating).

This Father’s Day we’ve pulled together a variety of recipe ideas that will truly be loved. Get prepared for a day filled with good times and be ready for the possibility of the stretchy pants coming out.

Cheddar Bacon Waffles

Cheese. Bacon. Waffles. This is a perfect brunch recipe to set the mood right for an awesome day of celebrating!

Pretzel Bites with Beer Cheddar Dipping Sauce

These pretzel bites and beer cheese are great for snacking on throughout the day or before dinner. Add beer to the sauce mix and you’re sure to bring a smile to his face!

Tex Mex Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes…Tex Mex style! The only way a Sloppy Joe can taste better is by adding some spice and serving with guacamole on top. Who couldn’t love this combination?

Butter Pecan Frosted Fudge Brownies

Adding something on top of an already super tasty brownie is always a great idea. This butter pecan frosting is just the right amount of sweet and there’s no doubt there won’t be a single crumb left once these are ready to serve.



Looking for more inspiration? See our the complete collection of Father’s Day recipe ideas.


Recipes for Camping



Peach-Blackberry Camp Cake and more camping recipes
Peach-Blackberry Camp Cake


There’s only one word for describing camping: MEMORIES. 

Ah, memories. Both good and bad. Memories of setting up the campsite and trying to evenly spear the hotdog so it wouldn’t fall in the campfire. Remember all the stories and countless amounts of roasted marshmallows? What great times.

Whether it’s good ol’ tent camping or RV’ing you prefer, a camping trip isn’t a camping trip without a campfire. And with a campfire comes a number of clever (and super tasty) food options.

If you’re ready to try something new besides the traditional hotdog and s’mores recipes, here are a few suggestions that will make you want to pack your bags and head to the woods ASAP.

Try these suggestions from some of our BigOven staff:

S’mores Campfire Cones

I love this Campfire Cone recipe because it’s a fun twist on a classic camping treat! You can also mix up the variety of candy you add in with the marshmallows. My favorite add on: Reese’s! – Kathryn, Support

Grilled Rosemary Potatoes

The familiar smell of baked potatoes reminds me of camping trips as a kid. We used to wrap potatoes in aluminum foil and burry them under the hot ash of  the campfire, then it was served with a pinch of salt and some butter. Yum, yum, yum!  – Kaya, Graphic Design

Skillet Mummy Dogs

Substituting crescent rolls for hotdog buns is the best way to enjoy a hotdog, no doubt. – Jordan, Marketing

Bailey’s Marshmallows

I LOVE Bailey’s and I love roasting marshmallows, so this is a perfect combination. They taste great in coffee, too. – Chelsey, Marketing

Looking for more recipes? See our the complete collection of camping ideas.


Grilling Season Recipes


Grilled Shrimp Tacos and more grilled recipes
Zesty Grilled Shrimp Tacos with South of the Border Corn and Cotija Salsa

Hey there, everyone! 

Boy have we been exhausted lately. As some of you already know, BigOven has undergone a few changes recently. But don’t worry, they’re all exciting!

BigOven is now under ownership of Aisle Ahead, Inc. and with this new transition comes the new home of the BigOven headquarters! The headquarters now resides in cozy Knoxville, TN. With the office being in the heart of downtown, it’s the perfect combination of southern comfort and trendy city vibes.

Anyway, as mentioned, it’s been tiring going through the changes and getting organized, but we’ve had a blast settling in and planning! We’ve survived solely by having fun while being productive and working hard and the plans we have for the future have us excitingly impatient. That’s why we’re ecstatic over the fact that it’s grilling season!

There’s nothing like being outside and suddenly getting hit with that smell of burgers and BBQ in the air. One of our favorite ways to relax is with good company, plenty of food & drink, and lots of laughs.

We can’t wait to light the flame on the grill and unwind until the sun goes down. Here are some really great recipes on our menu (thanks to our crew’s suggestions) that we encourage you to try out and enjoy this grilling season, too!

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Honestly, I look forward to grilling season every year only because of the grilled corn on the cob. – Chelsey, Marketing

Grilled Bourbon and Cherry Pork Chops

You can’t beat a bourbon and pork chop recipe, period. – John, Development

Grilled Bean Burger

I love this alternative for a traditional meat burger. – Kaya, Graphic Design

Grilled Dessert Pizza

All pizza is good pizza, especially a sweet dessert pizza that’s easy to make. – Jordan, Marketing

Looking for more recipes? See our the complete collection of grilling season favorites.

*Don’t forget: Safety First!*

Grilling and gatherings can certainly make for fun times, but never forget to always be safe. Here are tips on how to remain safe and still have the best time while making memories.

Game Day Recipes

Turkey Sliders plus more game day recipes and tips
Turkey Sliders


We’ve got some super recipes for The Big Game.




Start off strong with these tasty bites. Just be sure to save room for the main event and something sweet!

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

You can prepare the flavorful taquito filling in advance. Simply store the mixture in your fridge until you’re ready to assemble and bake… crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside.

Mini Caprese Deep Dish Pizzas

Gooey, melty cheese is always a win. Allow these mini pizzas to cool for a few minutes before removing them from the pan and inhaling. Careful, molten cheese coming in hot!



These delicious dishes won’t let the team down.

Loaded Nachos

Loaded nachos are the ultimate finger food. Sub in ground turkey or chicken for the beef if you like! Or bench the meat for a vegetarian meal. Your nachos, your call.

White Chicken Chili

Serve this spicy chili with cooling sour cream and fresh guacamole. (Guac always deserves some playing time.)


Tight Ends:

End your game day feast strong.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Tartlets

Chocolate pb tartlets may be small, but they sure pack a hefty punch! (A little salty, a little sweet, and extremely irresistible.) Yep, we’re picking favorites.

Mocha Brownies with Coffee Frosting and Oreos

These decadent brownies will surely hold your attention. Be sure to allow the brownies to cool down before topping or the frosting will slide out of bounds.


Looking for more winners? See our complete collection of game day recipes.





One-Pot Wonders

One-Pot Chili Mac + more one-pot recipes and tips
One-Pot Chili Mac


You only need one pot

and your appetite of course.

Hooray for fewer dishes and full bellies!



It’s hard to go wrong with one-pot chicken dishes during busy weeknights.

Rosemary Chicken & Potatoes

This simple yet satisfying dish requires just a handful of common ingredients (that you might already have hanging around at home). Squeeze fresh lemon juice on the chicken and potatoes right before serving for an extra pop of zesty flavor.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

A good excuse to nosh on chips for dinner. Not a fan of spice? Leave out the jalapeño and go easy on the chili powder.



You’ll feel just peachy after enjoying these healthy meals.

Mexican Quinoa

Protein-packed (vegan and gluten-free) quinoa is perfect for lunch or a light dinner. Serve it up hot, room temp or chilled… and don’t forget those creamy avocado slices!

Tilapia Caponata

This bright dish is full of fresh flavors. Mop up all that extra delicious sauce with warm bread.


Comfort Food:

Everyone needs a little comfort, especially this time of year.

Tuscan Pork Chops

Serve the pork over zucchini noodles or your favorite pasta for a complete meal. Don’t skimp on the herbs! They add another dimension to the simple dish.

Italian Sausage & Veggies

If you’re into meal prep, this recipe works out just dandy. Simply throw your seasoned veggies and sausage on the same pan and roast away.


Looking for more one-pot wonders? We’ve got 40 tasty recipes just for you.




Comfort Food Recipes

Cream of Tomato Soup
Cream of Tomato Soup


Stay warm and cozy.

Because baby it’s cold outside.



Cheese is the ultimate comfort food… especially when it’s hot and melty.

Spinach & Ricotta Grilled Cheese

You’re getting a serving of greens with this cheesy sandwich! Dunk your crispy, gooey masterpiece in warm marinara then devour.

Classic Lasagna

This tasty lasagna makes great leftovers. You can freeze it and reheat later too! Did we mention there are 3 types of cheese involved?



Go ahead, stuff yourself with the good stuff.

Stuffed Peppers

Choose any color pepper, or use a mixture for an extra colorful dish. Rainbow peppers will cheer just about anyone up when it’s a bit dreary (and chilly) out.


These simple calzones are both quick and easy! Fill em up with your favorite pizza toppings… go all out with the meat or keep it vegetarian. Either way, they’ll be tasty!



Sauce it up–your dinner and life in general.

Pork Chops & Gravy

Serve flavorful pork chops with creamy mashed potatoes and roasted veggies. Dinner is served! If only life were always that easy.

Cashew Chicken Curry

The flavors in this creamy curry will nearly knock your socks off. All you need is a pot of fluffy rice then you’re good to go.


Need more comfort in your life? See our complete recipe collection.




Simply Healthy Recipes

Greek Couscous Bowls
Greek Couscous Bowls


Eat healthily.

Feel good.

It’s that simple.


Healthy Breakfast Ideas:

Start your day off on the right track by fueling your body with nutritious, protein-packed food.

Nut Muesli

Enjoy this nutty muesli with your favorite seasonal fruit. Creamy banana slices, juicy berries, and crisp diced apples are all delicious additions.

Poached Egg & Avocado Toast

Mashed or sliced, you can’t go wrong when avocado is involved. Salt brings out all the lovely flavors so no skimping!


Light Meals:

These meals may feel nice and light in your belly but they’re definitely not light in flavor.

Colorful Veggie Lettuce Wraps

Veggie lettuce wraps are perfect for a fun, light lunch. Include some tofu, salmon, or cooked, shredded chicken breast in on the action for a tasty protein boost.

Spicy Sweet Potato & Green Rice Burrito Bowls

Prep this healthy meal at night then enjoy for lunch the next day… or dinner if you’re a busy bee.


Guilt-Free Desserts:

You don’t have to ignore your sweet tooth. Keeping both her and your body happy is possible! Whew.

Healthy Salted Caramel Cups

These luscious treats are vegan and free of refined sugar. Plus, they only require 4 ingredients!

Minty Berry Antioxidant Sorbet

Enjoy this refreshing fruity sorbet for breakfast, a snack, or dessert. All of its sweetness comes from the fruit, so make sure your frozen berries were picked at their peak aka real ripe.


Looking for more satisfying, healthy recipes? We got lots!