Thanksgiving Potato Recipes (and Gravy!)

Roasted Red Potatoes with Rosemary & Garlic
Roasted Red Potatoes with Rosemary & Garlic


Potato, Potahto.

Either way, don’t forget the gravy!


Mashed Potatoes:

Traditional mashed potatoes are hard to beat (not literally, duh). Smother them in gravy and you’re good to go.

Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes with Cream Cheese & Sour Cream

Cream me up, Scotty. Garnish these decadent potatoes with fresh Italian parsley for a pop of flavor and color. (A couple pats of butter never hurt anybody… )

Classic Mashed Potatoes

All you need is four ingredients! Heat your milk for easy mashing, and brown your butter for bonus points. Your taste buds will thank you too.


Sweet Potatoes:

We’re thinking your Thanksgiving table needs both mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Carbs are clearly welcome over here. Invite these homemade yeast rolls while you’re at it.

Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon Maple Butter

Drink that bourbon maple butter, we won’t judge. (Because we’re doing the sameeee thing.) If you’re a fan of bacon, you know what to do.

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

Gooey mallows are optional… toasted pecans and ground cinnamon are not. Hello crunchy, creamy heaven!


Gravy & Sauces:

Too much sauce? Nope. You never want to run out of gravy, so whip up a quadruple batch.

Baked Cranberry Sauce

Bake this zesty cranberry sauce a week in advance, then simply spoon it into a fancy schmancy glass bowl when you’re ready to dig in.

Turkey Gravy

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without rich, flavorful gravy. Douse everything on your plate with the stuff because this special day only happens once a year, and plate presentation ran out the door with your sister’s Tinder boyfriend once he met the fam.


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