Crowd-Pleasing Dinners

Extra Vegetable Fried Rice
Extra Vegetable Fried Rice


Please a crowd.

Including kiddos, Fido, and Great-Aunt Mary.



Chicken has the tendency to be a little uhh boring. So switch up your routine and introduce some more flavor into the equation.

5-Ingredient Lemon Yogurt Grilled Chicken Breasts

Throw these guys on a plate with your favorite veggie side, on top of a fresh salad, in a stacked sandwich or mega wrap, orrrr on top of a bed of perfectly fluffy pilaf. Any way you slice it, you’re golden.

Chicken & Broccoli Skillet Bake

This chicken dinner is a real deal winner. Because you got chicken, cheese, and veggies all in one! Hooray for efficiency.



Meatless Mondays every day of the week? Not a problem.

Hummus Quesadillas

Cheese is great. Beyond great. But it’s not always necessary… hello creamy hummus! Whip up these quick protein-packed quesadillas for a flavorful lunch, hearty snack, or light dinner.

Vegetarian Polenta Pizza Stuffed Peppers

A bunch of delicious pizza flavors stuffed into fresh bell peppers! Semi-healthy and 100% mouth-watering. Feel free to include your favorite pizza toppings in on the action.



Okay okay, here’s some more cheese. No complaints over here.

Slow Cooker Philly Cheesesteaks

Put that slow cooker of yours to work, while you’re actually at work (or enjoying midday Pilates and refreshing frappés… no judgement).

Broccoli Cheese Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Twice baked potatoes got a major upgrade. These guys make fantastic leftovers, so say hello to an exciting future lunch! Oh and you could add some cooked chicken to the filling if extra protein is your thing.


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