New: Export Recipe to Word Document (.docx)

We’ve added another export format for BigOven Pro members: You can download any recipe as a Microsoft Word (.docx) document.  From the recipe detail page, click the Share button, then “Download (.docx)”.


Click the share button
Click Download (.docx)
Your recipe is in Word format

2 thoughts to “New: Export Recipe to Word Document (.docx)”

  1. I really wish you guys had not abandoned those of us with a desktop. Big Oven is STILL the best software for the desktop, bar none. I happen to have a desktop computer running Windows 7 on it, and Bigoven for Windows, and I use it all the time to add new recipes, organize them, make my monthly menu and shopping list.

    I have tried other desktop cooking software, MasterCook. Living Cookbook, Now You’re Cookin’, and they just did not have either the ease, or all the features I need that are in BigOven. When I originally got BigOven, I had about 10 years worth of recipes in Meal Master format. Meal Master was an old 16 bit recipe organizer, quite extensive for its time.

    It’s good that you now have the ability to copy and paste on the web interface. I could put a recipe on notepad and copy and paste it from there. I liked being able to use the nutrition part of the Windows software, because it had the ability to add something that wasn’t already in there, like Armenian Red Pepper Sauce (comes in a jar, a must to top scrambled eggs).

    1. This is really great feedback, thank you Adrienne for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      We have had the ability to copy and paste on the web interface for more than five years, and we’ll be improving that in the future. You can also add Nutrition Facts for new ingredients in the web app as well. As a Pro member, just choose “Edit Nutrition” from the dropdown menu on the recipe detail page. There, you’ll find an interface which looks very much like the desktop interface, where you can add new entries to the nutrition database and link those in the recipe.

      The reasons for discontinuing the desktop application were multi-fold. First, with limited development resources, we wanted to focus on those areas that customers were using the most, and the data clearly shows that mobile apps (iOS, Android) followed by the Web were hundreds-fold more heavily used than the dedicated desktop software. Second, keeping up with breaking changes at the OS level were a pretty big support burden, and support burdens mean that our developers have less time to invest in new feature improvements. Third, access-to-data-anywhere is a key thing that home cooks and shoppers want, and by tying the desktop database to a local computer, it cannot be easily shared online, including changes. We hope you join us on the web service as a BigOven Pro member with the free apps for Android and/or iOS.

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