The Big Game

Garlic Butter Pizza Pull Apart Bread
Garlic Butter Pizza Pull Apart Bread


No matter what team you’re rooting for this Super Bowl, these recipes will be sure to score you some major points.

Now that’s a win-win situation.



Ooey gooey cheese please! With a side of carbs, of course.

Easy & Quick Chicken Quesadillas

It’s hard to beat “easy” and “quick.” Especially when cheese is involved.

French Fry Cheese Pizza

Because plain cheese pizza isn’t nearly epic enough.

Ham & Cheese Sliders

Serving size = the entire pan. Just kidding, this is not fantasy football.



If you haven’t already filled up on cheese, get some protein in your life.

Adobo Chicken Wings

We understand, sometimes you need to get down and dirty. Don’t forget the moist towelettes.

Heart Healthy Turkey Chili

Worried that this chili sounds too healthy? Douse your bowl with cheese and sour cream. Problem solved.

Crockpot Salsa Verde Chicken Pozole

Let your slow cooker do allll the work while you kick back and relax. Enjoy an ice cold beer while you’re at it.



Football and snacks go hand in hand.

Avocado Hummus

Give your hummus a facelift. Then dunk some toasty pita right in there.

Sweet Cornbread

Honey, this cornbread is begging for a good butter smothering. Or a dip in your overflowing bowl of chili.

Black Bean Salsa

Black beans and corn make a great team. Tortilla chips think so too.


Want more game day inspo? We have plenty more recipes for you.

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