Introducing the All-New BigOven iOS App: Cooking Simplified.

We’re proud to introduce a brand new version of our iOS app!

Got feedback? Leave it in the space below.

The all-new BigOven gives you delicious, seasonal recipe ideas every time you launch the app.

About the All-New App

The BigOven app for iPhone is a ground-up, all-new rewrite that we started in our studio over a year ago. We’ve taken the things you love about BigOven — recipe lookup, shopping and sharing — looked closely at how you’re using the app and thought through how to make it easier and faster. We’ve streamlined common tasks. We’ve also added new ways to see the activity of the cooks you like, follow new ones, and see what’s happening on recipes most relevant to you, such as being notified when people comment on recipes you post.

Our goal is to make it even easier for you to get a delicious homemade meal on the dinner table.

We aim to be the most-used, best-loved app for home cooks. We are home cooks ourselves, and want to help you as you discover, plan, shop, prepare and share great dinners. As software craftspeople, we look closely at each of those activities to see how we can use mobile, the cloud, personalization, social and more to make it even easier.

Our beta tests have included dozens of home cooks around the world, and they’ve helped us shape this major new update. We’ve gone through feedback on the App Store, emails to customer support, as well as the usage data in the app itself to see what’s important to you.  You’ve let us know the things about BigOven you love and the areas you’d like to see improved. We also know you love the old BigOven, and we want to bring the most important features you know and love forward into the new app.

We need your feedback below

We’ve put a lot of work into this app, but we know we couldn’t possibly get it all perfect in one go. So please, help us help you. Our development team is reading the comments section below, so let us know if we’ve missed something important to you and we’ll be sure to consider it for a future update. We plan updates for the indefinite future, so let us know what would make your tasks as a home cook, menu planner and grocery shopper easier!

[ED: On June 1, 2016, we released version 10.1, which adds Menu Planner Notes, Create-Grocery-List-From-Menu-Plan, and more.]

What’s new

  • Get inspiration from friends, family and food bloggers
  • Find recipes even faster with all-new Search
  • Shop faster at the grocery store, including off-line and household account sharing
  • Get around the app faster with clearer navigation
  • See activity on your recipes with an all-new Activity view
  • All-new technical foundation: fully rewritten in Swift, with a new back-end to power it

Get inspired by your friends, family and favorite food bloggers

Now, when you join or link by Facebook, you’ll see all your friends that use BigOven, and can follow them. When you follow a cook, you’ll see recipes they love (rate 4 or 5 stars) right in your home screen feed. You’ll also see recipes added by your favorite bloggers, who you can also follow right from the app.

You can now follow food bloggers, like Half Baked Harvest, in the app.

BigOven makes recommendations for you the more you use it

BigOven will bubble up recommendations based on how you’re using it. Our goal is to help you get unstuck, and eliminate that “what am I going to make tonight?” problem we all encounter.

Getting around BigOven is easier

BigOven’s navigation has been streamlined to get you quickly and easily from one feature to another. Whether it’s getting recipe ideas on your home screen, accessing your own recipes, creating a grocery list, making a meal plan or checking on messages, it’s all within easy reach with our updated navigation bar.

Activity keeps you up-to-date

View your messages in one place. Find Facebook friends who are also on BigOven. Get a message if someone comments on a recipe you’ve posted, if an action has been done on a recipe you’ve commented on, or if someone has @mentioned you. Personalize your profile page by adding a photo, see your recipe count, along with how many cooks you follow and how many cooks are following you.

 Find recipes even faster with all-new Search

Looking for a recipe? Just type in the title, ingredients or any keyword. You can get back to all the recipes you’ve viewed recently by tapping on the magnifying glass and then “All Recipes”. More recipes are displayed on each screen, and related recipes are shown to you right on the recipe detail screen.

The Search area of the app (magnifying glass) gives you easy access to your search history, most recently viewed recipes, recent raves and more.

Searching is faster

Some searches of your recipe collection are done locally on your phone, making them very fast. Plus, with an all-new search back-end, you’ll find many common searches are faster than in the old app, particularly seasonal collections.

Autocomplete saves you typing

BigOven now autocompletes your recipe searches with some of the more common recipe titles. (If you don’t see it suggested for you, be sure to search anyway; these are just the most common recipe titles.)

BigOven remembers your most recent searches

Enter your search, and you can choose to target all the recipes or just your own recipes. BigOven shows you the most recent recipes you’ve searched as well as your most recent search terms. And a handy autocomplete will suggest searches for you based on what you’re typing.

Tap the magnifying glass and choose how you’d like to search within the app. Are you on a quest to discover new inspiration from BigOven’s 350,000 recipes? Or would you prefer to locate a specific recipe in your recipe box? Or would you like to find a particular cook, blog or website on BigOven? We have many options for you to choose.

iOS Spotlight Search Now Has Your Recipes

You can now search your own recipes from Spotlight search on iOS! Just swipe left on the home screen.

Want an even faster way to search? Look for BigOven recipes using iOS Spotlight Search. Swipe right to access Spotlight Search from your home screen. Type in an ingredient or the name of the recipe you’re looking for and BigOven results will appear. Tap on the recipe and your BigOven app will launch and take you directly to that recipe. It’s easy and convenient.











 Faster, Shared Grocery List

We recently debuted a shared grocery list and with our redesigned app, it works even better. Now your household can have a common grocery list and you can avoid unnecessary return trips to the store.

Tap or swipe-left to strike-through an item when you’re at the grocery store. Click on the (i) circle to the right of each grocery line item to edit the item. When done, click “Edit” and then “Delete marked items” to remove.

We’ve added enhancements to make our grocery list easier to use as you add items, sort by department or by recipe, and mark off or delete as you grocery shop:

  • Tap on an item to strike it (tap again to unstrike it)
  • Edit an item by tapping on the (i) to the right
  • It’s faster — far fewer “synchronizing with server” moments
  • It’s local — you don’t have to be connected to the server to use it
  • Multiple BigOven accounts can share the same grocery list











BigOven continues to help home cooks get inspired and organized, in the kitchen and on the go. We will regularly update the app to add features and improvements, so let us know what you think!

Happy Cooking!

33 thoughts to “Introducing the All-New BigOven iOS App: Cooking Simplified.”

    1. Hi Tina,

      All of your recipes and folders should definitely be downloading into the app, but it can take up to 5 minutes on the first time if you’ve got hundreds of recipes. During that time, at least in the current release, your list of folders may appear empty. But give it time to complete on first-time login, especially if you have a lot of images.

      In my own case, I’ve got about 1,200 recipes in my collection, and it can take 5-10 minutes for them to fully download. For collections bigger than a couple hundred recipes, we recommend connecting to wifi the first time you use the app — it’s faster than LTE or 4G or 3G. The advantage is that once this one-time download is done, it makes these recipes usable offline, where you might not have a connection.

      Once this process is complete, you’ll see all your recipes and folders in the “My Recipes” area (the cookbook icon). Your folders should also be listed there, where you can view them by folder.

      If they are not there, one of two things has happened:

      1) You have a lot of recipes, and they’ve not yet fully downloaded into the app. (You should see a nudge at the bottom saying “Some recipes still downloading”, but this goes away after a couple seconds)
      2) OR, you didn’t sign in with the same account that you’ve used. To check which account you’re signed in as, you can click on the alarm bell (activity) and then the gear (settings) — it will show you your username on that settings screen. Make sure that username is the same as the username you’re used to on the site. Make sure you sign in with the same exact email address or Facebook login that you set for your account, otherwise BigOven won’t know it’s you, and assume it’s a new user.

      Know that BigOven never deletes recipes from user accounts nor recipes from folders — the user must do that — so they’re definitely all still there, waiting for you.

      If you’re still stuck, we can help you via a support — if you send your email address used for your account and your username, jot us a note at support[at] You’ll find all your recipes are downloaded into the app. Thanks!

    2. Hi Steve –

      Thank you for your reply. All my recipes are in the app. The folders I created to organize them are gone. The folders still show up on line but I cannot find them in my app.

      Thank you

    3. Hi Tina,

      Hmm… you should definitely see the folders listed if you tap on the My Recipes icon (i.e., the open cookbook). For example:

      We have seen something like this happen in a couple of prior tests IF the download isn’t fully complete, but it should eventually complete, and the folder list should show shortly. Note that it’s not in the ‘Search’ (magnifying glass) — it’s in the My Recipes (cookbook) area. Also rest assured that just because your folders aren’t displayed, it doesn’t mean they’re not there — it’s just that they haven’t downloaded. In the 10.1 release in our labs, we’ve moved up the priority of the folder list download so that should show up earlier on future loads.

      For now, if after waiting a while (first 5-10 min), your list of folders still isn’t there, perhaps something got stuck; you might try a delete/reinstall of the app and re-sign-in (over wifi) to reinitiate; this will bring down your recipes and folders to your app after the process completes. We’re logging this with our lead iOS developer for investigation and will of course fix, but this step should get your folders back and displayed in the app. You should find them in the “My Recipes” area — not the search area in the magnifying glass. Be sure to tap on that open cookbook to see them. Thanks!

      – Steve

    4. Glad to hear it! The download must have been interrupted somehow. It should normally resume, but thanks; we’ve logged that one for a closer look.

  1. I am so sad. This was my only meal planning tool. I don’t always want to use a “recipe” when planning. Sometimes I just want to plan for spaghetti night and write that in… I know how to make it and don’t need a recipe anymore. 😕 I will have to delete the app, because this renders it useless for me.

    1. Hi Hilary,

      First, we agree – notes are coming back soon.

      You don’t have to use a full recipe when planning. Notes are indeed supported on BigOven Menu Plans, but it’s true that this specific feature — adding/editing notes on menu planner days on iOS — just barely missed the cutoff deadline for our 10.0.0 ship date.

      But the good news is that we implemented it in 10.1, and it will be returning very soon. Adding notes to days/meals on the calendar is already implemented in our labs, working just fine, and will be available in a free update very soon (within a couple weeks.)

      Adding a note to any day or meal

      For the time being, you can add or edit those notes on the web at and then view them on your iPhone.

      Thanks for writing in with your thoughts and letting us know what’s important to you!

  2. I hate the new and improved app! I can’t add my own meals to the menu calendar. Soooo disappointed. If this isn’t changed, I have no use for this app. I do not ever use anything but my phone, so I don’t want to add my menus via my laptop.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to let us know! You can add recipes to your plan as follows: find a recipe, then click the … in the upper bar, and “Add to Menu Plan”. A date picker will appear. You can also view the Menu Plan and click the + button. In the 10.1 update, coming soon, as written above, you’ll be able to add notes. In the meantime, is the place where you can edit/add notes, and they’ll show up in your app. Thanks!

    1. You got it! It’s working in our labs in a 10.1 release. We have a few more things to wrap up with that release but it should be available in the next 2-4 weeks. Thanks for your feedback!

    1. Thanks for letting us know! We’d like to troubleshoot what’s happening for you. Can you please send us the reproduction steps at so that we may help you out? Please use subject line: iOS App Menu Planner. Thank you.

    1. Sure! Reproduction steps allow us to reproduce what is happening for you on your app. Please let us know the steps you were taking when the app crashed. For example, you launched the app, tapped on menu planner icon, tap + to add a recipe to the menu planner, etc. Or did you launch app, tap on a recipe from Get Ideas screen. Once you got to the recipe detail (where ingredients and instructions are located) info screen, you tap on add to menu plan, etc. Also, what is your device info — what type of iPhone and what is the operating system? Thanks.

    1. If this was still an issue for you, please try deleting it and installing the latest app update, just released today. Thanks!

  3. I noticed we have a feed and followers now. It would be great to be able to share things in my profile feed like quick tips or pictures of what I made for dinner to really allow people to be able to discuss recipes or ideas and make the profile feel more like a blog.

  4. Also, the ability to respond directly to comments on recipes would be great as well. Some comments have questions and in order to respond I have to rate my recipe again which isn’t really fair. Creating more of a social engagement would probably help a lot of people.

    A slider for the photos would be great as well as some of my recipes have multiple images that have been shared from other users and I’m sure everyone would love to see all the images shared for those recipes.

    1. Thanks for your response. We totally agree that it would be great for users to be able to comment and respond. We will be adding commenting functionality in future updates, along with the ability to see multiple recipe photos. Would you like to sign up for our Early Access Program so you can be part of our beta test group as we roll out future features?

    1. Currently, there is a way to share your profile on the web. When you are logged in to your account, tap on the three dots (…) in upper right, click My Profile. In your profile view, there is a Share icon in the upper left corner. Click that icon and you can choose how you’d like to share your profile: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email. We will be adding this functionality in a later version of the app.

  5. Love the new app redesign! I am looking forward to putting the whole house on a shared grocery list. We have been using Big Oven for over 4 years now and it just keeps getting better. On a small down note, there was an option if you clicked on search a second time, you could search for a recipe by meal type and ingredients and key word. Has this feature been removed or placed somewhere else, I cannot seem to locate it. I use the feature quite frequently when I want to find an alternative use for an ingredient. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Thanks Kenneth!

      OK so on your specific question, there is a new way to invoke “Advanced Search”. Simply tap on the magnifying glass in the lower right on a set of search results. Tap on that. That will bring up the Advanced Search dialog that does what you’re looking for.

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