One Household, One Grocery List

NEW: Notifications When Your List is Updated

Do you have more than one person in your home that does — or should do — the grocery shopping?

A couple months ago, BigOven introduced shared grocery lists and menu plans within a household. This lets you use a single, joint grocery list within your household, where everyone sees a common, editable list. This way, everyone in your household can add items, recipes, or remove them from a single list.

This handy feature saves last-minute texts, phonecalls and more – simply update the list with your items, and whoever hits the grocery store first checks the list, and grabs the items! BigOven’s grocery lists also come with powerful features like automatically grouping items by aisle, letting you add entire recipes at a time to the list, sending a grocery list via text, and more.

We’ve gotten some great feedback on Household Account Sharing, and today, we’re releasing push notifications that let you know on your mobile device that your grocery list has been modified. A few moments after someone updates your grocery list, you’ll receive a push notification on any of your devices letting you know that your list is updated. This message, if you tap on it, will take you right to your grocery list. Simply tug down on the grocery list to force an update and re-sync.

How to get started

Make sure everyone in your household that does grocery shopping installs the free BigOven app. (Or, you can skip this step if you’d like; inviting them by email will send them a link.)

Invite Other Members To Your List

It’s simple to add more members to your grocery list. Just add up to 3 email addresses, and BigOven will email them, inviting them to join (if they’re not a member), and letting you know when they’ve accepted your invitation. After that, your accounts are linked, and you’ll see changes they make to the grocery list. TIP: Be sure to allow push notifications, since you’ll get a message when they update the list.

Only one user per household (internally, we call this the “master” of the household), can invite additional users to use their list. That is, once you’ve invited someone to share your list, only you (and not they) can invite others to use your household list. The participants you invite can only accept, decline or revoke participation.

Tip: Be sure to Tug down on the Grocery List to force a Refresh

To ensure you have the latest copy of the grocery list data, you might want to tug down on the grocery list to force a refresh.


For more details, see our original post announcing this feature. Happy cooking!

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