BigOven's recipe list view makes managing large collections of recipes easier

Improvements to Recipe List View

If you’re a recipe collector, you’re sure to love the improvements we’ve made to your recipe dashboard (“My Recipes”) on the web. It’s easier to work with large recipe collections. You can view your collection in two ways: thumbnail view and list view. List view is now quite a bit faster to page through large collections. List view lets you search easily, and shows you a small thumbnail image. It lets you sort by title, date created, recipe course/category, and easily drag and drop recipes into folders.

BigOven will remember the last folder you’ve looked at, and (assuming you use the same browser), it’ll return you to that folder when you return. You can easily switch back and forth between list view and thumbnail view by clicking an icon (1) on the toolbar.

Choose List View or Thumbnail View

Here’s a list view of a folder of party recipes:


And here’s a thumbnail view of the same folder:


Toggle between them using the view icon in the upper part of the page (1).


  1. Toggle between list view (highlighted) or thumbnail view
  2. Choose how many recipes to see at a time
  3. Search within your own recipes, ignoring all the other recipes on the site

Everything you do in your “My Recipes” area syncs with the free apps.

Sort Your Recipes by clicking on Column Headings

To sort the table, just click on the header. Click again and it changes the sort direction.

Drag and Drop to Organize Recipes into Custom Folders

BigOven PRO members can create folders for special occasions, people, anything. Simply drag and drop recipes from the right hand list onto a folder to add it to the folder. Or click the (X) to delete it.


We hope you enjoy these changes!

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