BigOven Food Fight – Linner or Dinner: Gorge Early vs. Build Some Anticipation



There are a plethora of activities to fit into Thanksgiving day. Drinks, appetizers, football, board games, dinner, half-falling asleep on the couch, dessert, attempting to chat with family members while really wanting to crawl into bed, picking at leftovers, actually falling asleep on the couch, then hauling yourself home to FINALLY crawl in bed with a very full tummy.

So much to do, so little time. Linner (Lunch-Dinner) is the sensible option here. Let’s give guests maximum hours to digest and a fighting chance to fend off that inevitable Turkey Day snoozer.

But maybe you’re just not the Linner type. If your tummy isn’t growling at 3 pm, why would you eat? Better stick to a normal schedule. You’ll eat when the sun goes down, thank-you-very-much.

This Thanksgiving, will you be stuffing turkey in your face ASAP or practicing patience?



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