BigOven Food Fight – Gravy: Dump It on Everything vs. For the Bird & Potatoes Only



Pouring gravy: the ceremonial christening of Thanksgiving dinner, and often times a difficult task to navigate.

Unless you’re a structural engineer, gravy overflow is inevitable. Ladles aren’t the most precise of kitchen instruments, and let’s be honest, at this point, your accuracy has likely been obscured by one or two spiked ciders. Shouldn’t we just save ourselves the struggle and slop the gravy on everything?

But then again, no matter the number of spiked ciders, sensibility has to kick in—few things are more resoundingly godawful than eating sliced fruit that’s coated in gravy. Why not set up a careful perimeter around the turkey ‘n taters? Despite popular belief, not all whirlpools of flavor are appetizing.

With that in mind, how will you handle your gravy?

Will you be letting the sauce flow free or reserving gravy for the bird and potatoes only?



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