BigOven Food Fight – Turkey Meat: Dark & Moist vs. Just White



Turkey is the unquestionable bigwig of Thanksgiving dinner and prized possession that likely receives more attention than your middle child. But what portion of the bird do you prefer?

Restricting yourself is utterly boring. Some of the most uninspired people exclusively gobble up white meat on Turkey Day. Dark meat offers up an exciting alternative… it’s succulent in taste and rich with flavor.

On the flip side, white turkey meat is a Thanksgiving staple. Comparable to re-watching Home Alone, you know what you’re getting yourself into—no surprises, no setbacks. Just simple, delicious carvings that pair nicely with all dishes.

Then again, who’s to say we can’t enjoy both? Don’t they each offer something terrific and tasty? And wouldn’t eating both be the socially-conscious choice? Two races of flavor existing side-by-side, in one delicious bite.

This Thanksgiving, will you be chowing down on dark meat or polishing off the white meat?



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