BigOven Food Fight – Macaroni: Mac Attack vs. Hold the Cheese



Cheese lovers unite!

Fromage fiends always find a way to consume cheese 365 days a year, even during the most hallowed of festive celebrations, Thanksgiving. The creamy, comforting taste makes one think of home, warm kitchens and snuggly blankets. Mac n cheese is a quick and easy, catch-all dish for relatives who eat nothing but beige foods. Ahem, Uncle Joe, we’re talking about you. But does mac n cheese really belong on the Thanksgiving table?

Some think Thanksgiving is all about turkey and its traditional fixings. With the extra special care and attention placed on shopping, prepping, and cooking for weeks on end, mac n cheese may feel like the underdressed second cousin twice removed in the celebration.

Does your house welcome cheese to the feast or do you prefer to celebrate the Pilgrim way? Cast your vote!



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