BigOven Food Fight – Turkey Prep: Brine It Good vs. Brine’s a Waste of Time



The day before Thanksgiving home cooks will be in a wrestling match… with their turkeys, that is.

Let’s talk about the goodness of that brine first. Brine turns dry, boring turkey into a succulent feast fit for the Pilgrims. Make that turkey plump with salt water and it’s a whole different ballgame. The wrestling match might even be worth it.

But getting a 10 to 20 pound turkey hoisted into a tub or cooler before giving it a good salt rubdown is not for the faint of heart. Forcing the turkey into submission is one big exercise in Thanksgiving weightlifting. Not to mention, the salt rubdown is a bit too much on the massaging-dead-animals front for many of us.

That being said, will you be brining your turkey or taking the quick and easy route?



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