BigOven Food Fight – Pie Crust: Homemade All the Way vs. Store-Bought Hits the Spot



Pie crust has to be the very best part of a pie. It’s buttery, flaky, tender and perfectly golden brown.

All you need is a few ingredients and the crust is underway. Just a bit of finagling (plus a lot of experience) and your pie will be ready for the oven.

But why is it crumbling? And why is it stuck to the rolling pin, parchment paper, your hands and your hair? Plus how did it become so gummy and tough? Fail.

Just quietly creep on over to the frozen aisle of the nearest grocery store and grab yourself a couple premade pie crusts. You are making the filling and baking the thing after all, so 66.667% homemade can reasonably translate to 100% homemade. And it might actually taste a lot better than if you went through with making your own crust from scratch.


Will you be rolling out the dough or pulling out the dough (from a box) this Turkey Day?



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