Food Bloggers: Add BigOven features to Your Site!

Are you a food blogger?  Put the “Save Recipe” button on your recipes, right on your blog!  This does a few great things for your readers and your recipe’s visibility:

  • It lets your readers add your recipe to their mobile grocery list
  • It lets readers save the recipe if they want, remembering the recipe, including a full link back to your blog.  This gets them coming back to your site when they do recipe searches in their personal recipe collection
  • It adds Recipe Search Engine Optimizations (“rich snippets” markup)
  • It adds a handy Recipe Management interface for your WordPress site, letting you instantly find, update and reference your full recipe library.

If you’re using WordPress, it’s easy.  Just add the BigOven recipe plugin.  Watch a demo video below:


We’ve installed the free BigOven plugin to this blog that you’re reading.  (Our blog is powered by WordPress.  We simply went to our WordPress dashboard, and installed the “BigOven” plugin, and typed in a recipe)  Here’s an example of how a recipe is displayed:

Pumpkin Pie

Classic pumpkin pie

The classic pumpkin pie recipe.

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