Ziplist is Going Away. Now what? BigOven wants you!

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BigOven is working on a seamless conversion from Ziplist for both food bloggers and consumers

BigOven is the Best Ziplist Alternative

Word is now spreading that Ziplist, a popular way to keep recipes and make grocery lists from recipes you find on the web, is going away by the end of this calendar year.  What many cooks have liked most about Ziplist is the easy mobile grocery list and recipe clipping — these are two features that have long been in the free BigOven recipe app, and two features that we’re going to be polishing even more over the coming weeks/months.

If you’re a Ziplist cook, what about your existing data?

We’ll have more to say about this soon, but we’d like you to know that we here at BigOven are very focused on providing as easy a migration path as possible for both food bloggers and home cooks who’ve used and enjoyed the Ziplist platform.  We already do a great deal of what Ziplist does, have been around and growing since 2004, and we’re poised to provide a great migration solution for both types of customers — food-bloggers and home-cooks very soon.

First-up, food bloggers.

Food Bloggers: A WordPress Plugin with SEO, Ziplist Import and more

Our friends at Ziplist report that the Ziplist plugin will continue to work for you in terms of recipe SEO markup, but that the “Save Recipe” and “Add to Grocery List” features will be removed, which means your readers won’t be able to clip recipes easily via the “Save Recipe” button.  And, at this writing, it’s unclear to us (though no hard-confirmation from Ziplist themselves) how long the plugin itself will be supported.

At BigOven, we want to ensure that food bloggers have a great alternative to the features they’ve enjoyed.  It’s clearly an opportunity for us, and we want to prove to you we’re a great solution.  We’re listening.

At this writing (November 6th 2014) we have a free Rich Snippet SEO WordPress Plugin with Ziplist Recipe Conversion working in the labs, and are investing heavily in the future for this.

If you’re a food blogger who has used (or was considering using) Ziplist, please head on over to to learn more and take it for a spin.

At this writing, November 6th 2014, we’re in alpha testing, looking for tech-savvy food bloggers and WordPress site builders to give us feedback.  We’ll soon be releasing the first version of this tool to the WordPress plugin repository.

Cooks:  Get our Clipper, Get our App, and Migrate The Recipes You’ve Saved

BigOven offers a great Recipe Clipper, which lets you import recipes from major food websites easily.  Get the clipper bookmarklet for your browser here. The clipper lets you save recipes and/or add them to your grocery list.

As for existing data, if you’re a Ziplist user, over the months or years, you’ve clipped a bunch of recipes that you want preserved.  As soon as we get more details about the data-export format from Ziplist, and some sample data, we’re going to be working on a migration tool for you to ensure that your recipe library is intact and migrated to a great mobile solution.

If you’re new to BigOven, you should know that we’ve been around since 2004, were founded by a Microsoft and Expedia software veteran who loves to cook, we offer grocery list and menu-planning features, we have free, highly-rated recipe/grocery list apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, the Web, NOOK and Kindle Fire, and we’re focused on making your cooking life easier.

Stay tuned to our Facebook group, Twitter feed, and/or for more updates.  At this writing, we don’t yet have the sample data dumps from Ziplist to work with, but will work on this as soon as we do.  Our first step is to get the plugins updated for food bloggers to ensure smooth migration, and shortly after we receive data samples of recipe formats, we’ll know more about how easy or hard it’ll be to do the migration.  Just know for now that we’re interested in doing this well, keep the data they give you, and stand by for some more news as we have it.  Thanks!


6 thoughts to “Ziplist is Going Away. Now what? BigOven wants you!”

  1. I have made lots of modifications to my recipes on Ziplist, including photos, changes to ingredients and changes to directions as well as adding multiple tags and added notes.

    If I change to bigoven, will these updates be included?



  2. I was really bummed to hear that ziplist is shutting down (or whatever exactly is happening there), but I’m glad your site is offering an alternative plus the potential for data migration. I will check back here!

    1. Thanks, we appreciate your feedback! Each month, we spend tens of thousands of dollars on the infrastructure that powers the website and free apps. Pro membership, which lets you store unlimited recipes, costs about $0.06 per day and helps offset those costs. Pro members get a ton of things, including private notes, private recipes, an ad-free experience, nutrition facts and more. We completely appreciate though that it’s not for everyone. We too would love everything to be free, but the math has to work. 🙂

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