BigOven Food Fight: Fresh or Frozen?

Fresh vs Frozen 11.6

Fresh or frozen? That is the question.

First off, let’s not kid ourselves. We can taste the difference between things that were at one time frozen and the real stuff. Fresh food inevitably tastes better, or else it wouldn’t exist. Thanksgiving is a once-a-year occasion, so shouldn’t it be celebrated by dining on the highest-quality groceries? Many would agree.

But with every argument comes a counterargument.

On top of being incredibly cost-efficient, frozen foods are timely. Purchase your groceries weeks in advance, and afford yourself several more hours on the couch while last-minute shoppers wage war at the local market. And we have to acknowledge the conspiracists… Is the difference in taste really that drastic? Is the market for fresh goods really just the result of a sweeping placebo? Am I nodding my head ‘Yes, this tastes better’ because I believe it, or because I know it’s organic?

Let the debate rage on.

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