BigOven Food Fight: Home or Away?

Home or Away 11.2

“Home for the holidays.”  It’s a phrase that launched a hundred romantic comedies in Hollywood.

Home-field advantage is a thing in sports. Is it also a factor for you at Thanksgiving?  Do you prefer being the home-team, or is traveling to someone else’s pad more your style?  As we see it, the main factors come down to three C’s: comfort, cost and control.


If your destination is close-by, traveling is often the easier choice.  But if you’ve got to make the trek to the airport, with connecting flights, delays, and crowds, hosting is bound to be the easier end of the bargain.


Our informal survey indicates that the home team usually picks up most of the tab, but this can be offset by asking attendees to bring parts of the dinner, especially the wine!  Or, of course, by rotating the venue.


Control-freaks host. No question, the home team gets to control the menu, the timing, the invitation list, who-gets-which-leftovers and key roles… like who gets-to-clean-up.

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