ZipList Alternative WordPress Plugin and Saved Recipe Conversion

At BigOven, we’re working on conversion tools for both food bloggers and cooks who have saved recipes.

Food bloggers: We want to hear from you!

Food bloggers — we read with interest the news today about the future of the ZipList plugin for food blogs and recipe organization.

BigOven is actively investigating an alternative WordPress plugin to enhance your blog which leverages the Kitchen Cloud platform, which already supports saving recipes, recipe search, fully mobile grocery lists and menu planning, private and public recipe storage, resizing, metric conversion, nutrition analysis, print friendly formatting and more.  At this stage, we have some initial functionality working in the labs, but need to hear more from food bloggers about their top wishlist items.

You put a ton of care and love into your food blog, and we recognize your great recipes, stories and photos are your own. We’d like to provide you with the software tools like recipe saving, grocery list generation, exposure, and more that can help improve your blog.  We’ve got the initial components of this working in the labs, and are looking at the Ziplist recipe format to make the transition easy.

What do you want in a Ziplist Alternative?

Let us know, we’re actively investigating!

Our design team and leadership wants to hear directly from you about your needs, especially in a version 1.0 offering — what you like and most want to keep, so feel free to drop us a note at our site comments form here; I can promise you the design team reads every suggestion.  (Any sample URLs you can provide to illustrate what you mean will also be most welcome.)

We are in the active planning stages now of having something that can meet your needs.  Thanks!

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