Making it easier to join in the cooking fun

Today we’ve released an important set of improvements to the website for brand-new users who do not yet have an account.  Prior to this change, if cooks wanted to try out the “Make a grocery list” or “Make a Menu Plan” feature, they’d have to create a free account.  Starting today, they can just click a button to start to explore, saving the account details later.  We call this project “Open House” and it’s designed to let new cooks explore the site without commitment.

For cooks who want to add recipes, make a grocery list or menu plan, simply visit and click the option you’d like.  Then, you can either choose to sign up free, or click “Join Later”.  “Join Later” will actually provision a temporary account for you to use, which lasts for 24 hours.  At any time, you can save your information and make it a full account simply by finishing the signup process (indicating your email address, choosing a username, and creating a password.)


We’ll be watching to see what this does to our join-rates and will have more to share in a few weeks’ time.  Thanks!




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