Text your grocery list to any cellphone (New Pro feature)


Text your Grocery List to any cellphone.  Your grocery list is ordered by aisle.
Text your Grocery List to any cellphone. BigOven sorts your grocery list by aisle.

Want to send your list to someone to do the shopping?  BigOven Pro members can now send their grocery list to any cellphone via text-messaging (SMS) on www.bigoven.com.

It’s easy.

Step 1:  Visit Grocery Page

Your grocery list is at www.bigoven.com/grocery.  Grocery lists sync automatically for you across BigOven’s free mobile apps, but we realize that sometimes you may want to simply text the full list to another person, or perhaps yourself, if you don’t have wireless coverage in the grocery store.

Simply visit the grocery page at www.bigoven.com/grocery and click the phone icon:



Step 2:  Enter the phone number, area code first


Step 3:  Your message will be delivered within seconds.

BigOven groups your list by aisle, and also shows a handy link to the recipe(s) on the list at the very bottom.

Here’s how the list shows up on Windows Phone.  The [A] indicates that the ingredient corresponds to the recipe linked at the bottom of the text.


Messages will be sent from BigOven’s automated messaging account.  You might wish to Save the sending number (231)-464-OVEN in your phone contacts, so you know who it’s from.  There is no BigOven charge for this feature for Pro members, however text-messaging data rates may apply (check your carrier.)

BigOven Pro unlocks many features and also removes all advertising wherever you sign in.  A single Pro membership covers you all points of service — web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, smartphones and tablets alike.

You can try BigOven Pro completely free for 14 days — activate your free trial at http://www.bigoven.com/premium/join.

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