iPad 4.3 Now Available: Summer Recipes and Menus, Recipe Sharing, and Print from your Devices

BigOven has some exciting new features in version 4.3 for iPad.  (iPhone release is coming soon!)

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Summer Recipe Collections

We’ve posted more featured recipe collections for summer! Whether you’re looking for Fourth of July ideas, summer salads, lunches for your favorite camper or picnic food, we’ve got you covered.

iPad menus V2

Pre-Made Menus

Not sure what to make for dinner? BigOven has added additional pre-made menus. We’ve done the dish pairings, now all you have to do is the cooking!

Share private recipes via email and Facebook

Got private recipes? You can now email them to friends, or post them to a friend’s Facebook wall.

Simply click the menu button in the top-right corner.

Your friend will be able to see your private recipe through a specially-encoded URL, while still keeping your recipe private.

New Pro feature: print recipes from iPhone/iPad   

This often-requested feature is now available. Simply click the menu button in the top-right corner and select “Print Recipe” at the bottom of the menu.

While we here at BigOven prefer using our tablets or smartphones in the kitchen, we’re responding to users who have requested the ability to print from within the app.  The technology used for printing in iOS is Apple’s AirPrint, and BigOven now supports AirPrint-compatible printers.

Requirement:  You must have an AirPrint-compatible printer or network configuration. Setup is smooth on a Mac OS network, but we have to admit that getting a Windows Network to successfully AirPrint can be difficult.  Learn how to set up AirPrint printers on a Mac network and on a Windows network.

For Windows users in particular, we recommend an off-the-shelf application such as FingerPrint because configuration can be tricky. This makes network configuration easier.

print screen iPad w highlight












And, if you’re new to BigOven, or haven’t used it in a while, you’ll enjoy:

  • Take your recipes anywhere — enter your recipes and get them at the grocery store
  • Use up leftovers — enter 3 ingredients from your fridge or pantry, and BigOven will tell you what you can make
  • Clip recipes from your favorite websites — turning them into searchable, ready-to-add-to-grocery-list recipes
  • Add recipes or individual items to a grocery list — BigOven sorts automatically by aisle
  • Build a menu plan for days, weeks, or months ahead, then just click a button to generate a grocery list
  • … much more!

Happy cooking everybody!


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