BigOven brings Recipe Clipper™ to iPad, iPhone – Add recipes from your favorite food websites and blogs easily!

Major new upgrades to the free iPad and iPhone recipe apps hit the App Store last night, and we encourage you to download them today:

BigOven 250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List -
iPhone App
BigOven: 250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List -
iPad App

These updates bring the BigOven Recipe Clipper™ to your iPhone and iPad, letting you add recipes from your favorite food websites and blogs, right from within the app.  This is a great way to build up your custom collection and always have it at the grocery store or the kitchen countertop, where you need it most.

Add Recipes from Your Favorite Food Websites and Blogs

We’ve brought our convenient Recipe Clipper feature to your iPad and iPhone.  Coming soon for Android.


You can now add recipes you discover on an ever-expanding list of recipe blogs and websites to your BigOven app with just a single click.

Just click “Add Recipe” / “From website or blog”, then find the recipe details page.  (Make sure it has the recipe on it, with ingredients and instructions.)

Then, click “Import Recipe.”  BigOven will inspect and import the recipe, ingredients, instructions — even photo — with just a single tap of a button.  From there, you can add it to your grocery list, mark it a Try Soon, a Favorite, rescale it up or down, add it to your Menu Planner and much more.

We have a starting list of food sites, and are expanding the list all the time.  As this relies upon third-party websites, we cannot guarantee that this list will remain constant — but we’re hard at work adding more to this list.

Just find the recipe you’d like, click “Import Recipe” in the top menu bar — and bingo, it’s in your collection.  You can categorize it and make any further edits directly via the app.  Changes you make will be automatically synchronized for you across other BigOven points of service, including on the web at  We’re adding recipe sites to this list all the time — jot us a note using the link on the form if you’ve got one you just can’t live without.  At this writing, we’ve got a good backlog of a few dozen sites to add, so more are coming in the weeks and months ahead!

Edit (or delete) recipes right from the app

Need to make changes?  No problem!  Just tap on the action button in the upper right, choose “Edit Recipe”, make your changes in the text boxes provided, and press Done.

Your changes are synchronized with the website, so your My Recipes Dashboard is updated as well.



You’ll also find the “Delete Recipe” option on the same action button.

Easy Facebook Sharing

Cooking is social, and the new BigOven apps make it easy to share your Favorite and Try Soon recipes with your Facebook friends.  When you mark a recipe “Try Soon” or “Favorite”, you’ll be asked if you want to share it once, always share Favorites or Try Soon discoveries, or never prompt you again.

Benefit:  Your timeline on Facebook keeps handy links of recipes you want to try.  Your friends also get an easy way to see your discoveries.  You can change your preferences at any time; simply visit your “My Profile” area — and customize them as you see fit.

You can notify friends when you mark a recipe Try Soon, when you Favorite a recipe, or when you’ve Loved a recipe (rated it 4 or 5 stars.)  Or, you can choose not to do so at all — it’s all up to you.




Bug fixes

We’re improving BigOven all the time.  But we’re human, and don’t always get it perfect the first time.  Thanks to you, we’ve identified and fixed some important bugs with this release, the most notable ones are a fix to editing ingredients in the grocery list (this used to cause a sporadic crash in the app), and in invitations to Facebook friends (which used to fail silently in most situations, but now work properly.)  Notice any bugs that you’d like fixed?  The quickest way to tell the development team is our feedback form.  While we do read the app reviews, with two million+ registered members, you’re much more likely to reach the developers in a timely way by letting us know directly.  Thanks!

Thanks for all your ideas and support

In every release, roughly half of all new features come from suggestions you make.  We’re listening.

If you find the BigOven app helpful in the kitchen, we’d love it if you take a moment to say so with an App Store review.  That’s a great way to spread the word about BigOven, which means more recipes, photos, reviews, and tips for you!

From all of us here at BigOven, happy cooking.  Make something great tonight.


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