Mobile Phones: The new competitor for end-cap displays?

Bloomberg News has a fascinating story today on how we shoppers are increasingly turning to our mobile phones at checkout, and away from end-cap attention-getters such as magazines and candy.

At BigOven, we’ve seen this trend in our data.  Mobile usage has grown dramatically year-over-year, very much including activity happening inside the grocery store itself.  BigOven’s mobile usage now exceeds our web usage by a considerable margin.  It’s clear that finding recipes, looking at your menu plan if you have one, and reviewing your mobile grocery list is something that’s a useful activity the grocery store.

To advertisers wanting to get their message to consumers at checkout or anywhere in the grocery planning cycle, we invite you to consider partnering with BigOven and getting your message where shoppers’ attention already is – on their smartphone.  With over 8 million downloads of our award-winning recipe and grocery list apps, we reach millions of shoppers on-the-go and at-home when they’re making their list or reviewing it in the store.  See our Advertise with BigOven section for more information.

And, in case you missed it, here’s a related, fascinating “then and now” photo from NBC News from Vatican City.  Reminds me of a time at Microsoft when I heard Bill Gates say that “in technology, we tend to overestimate what will happen in one year, but underestimate what will happen over the course of ten years.”  What a difference five years makes.


Photo credit:  Associated Press, NBC News

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