FAQ: Favorites and Try Soons

Some of the most common questions we get at our support desk relate to the Favorites and Try Soon lists on BigOven. 

The Favorite and Try Soon lists are very handy, free ways to get unstuck, plan meals more easily, and shop faster at the grocery store.  We encourage you to build up a good inventory of “Favorite” and “Try Soon” recipes – it’s a great use of “coffee break time” that will pay off handsomely at 4:00pm when you’re standing in the grocery aisle, wondering what to make for dinner.  With BigOven, you have over 400,000 recipes to choose from to build a personal Favorites and Try Soon list, and you can add your own to the collection very easily.  BigOven Pro members can also edit and personalize any of the recipes instantly, making it nearly effortless to build up a custom cookbook that’s available anywhere.

Q:  “Why use Favorites or Try Soons?”

BigOven’s a big place, with over 400,000 recipes and climbing.  By building up a focused list of a few dozen (or a few hundred) Favorites and Try Soons, you’ll have some ready-to-go memory joggers, and never be stuck for dinner.  Each of our free mobile and tablet cooking apps let you instantly see just your Favorites or Try Soons, making it quick to find exactly what you’d like to make.

Q:  “How do I add or remove a Favorite?”

A:  Using the BigOven website, to add a recipe to your Favorites list, just click the “Add to Favorites” button, which you’ll find on the right-hand bar of any recipe page on BigOven.com:


It will toggle to this state, showing that it is currently a Favorite, and that by clicking again, it’ll remove it:


Seen in this way, “Favorites” and “Try Soons” are simply your own personal flags on recipes.  A recipe is either on your Favorites list or it’s not.  Similarly, a recipe is either on your list of recipes to “Try Soon”, or it’s not. 

Everything synchronizes for you on BigOven, so this list is carried with you to your iPhone, iPad, Android, NOOK, Kindle Fire or Windows Phone.  On the mobile apps, you’ll find similar features to mark/unmark favorites and try-soons on the recipe detail screen when you’re signed in.

On the web, you can also manage Favorites and Try Soons directly from your “My Recipes” Dashboard.  Notice too that BigOven gives you separate URLs for your Favorites and Try Soon lists.  For instance, my three URLs are www.bigoven.com/myrecipes/stevemur/trysoons (for my Try Soons), www.bigoven.com/myrecipes/stevemur/favorites (for Favorites) and www.bigoven.com/myrecipes/stevemur/added (for recipes I’ve added).    A single click on the “My Recipes” tab on bigoven.com gets me to my dashboard, and it’s the new home page when I’m signed in.

You can remove recipes from your Favorites or Try Soon list easily from this dashboard.  When viewing your Favorite recipes, hover the mouse over the recipe in question.  Clicking the minus button will remove it from your Favorites list:



Similarly, if you’re viewing your Try Soons, simply hover over the recipe and click the minus button, and it’ll be instantly removed from your Try Soon list.

Q:  “What is a ‘Try Soon’ list?”

While other recipe sites tend to combine the notion of “favoriting” and “just window shopping” into a single “bookmark/favorite” concept, at BigOven, we think there’s a big difference between a recipe that is truly your favorite (i.e., you’ve tried it and you or someone you cook for likes it), and one that you don’t know whether you will like or not, but which you might want to try soon.

The Try Soon list is designed for those recipes that you might like to try in the near future.  Long-time members may remember that BigOven used to expire recipes from your Try Soon list after 30 days just to keep it fresh, but after considerable feedback, last year we did away with this “feature”, and Try Soons are never auto-expired. 

Since BigOven syncs everything for you, this means you can create a Try Soon list at your leisure at a desktop browser or mobile device, then, when you’re out shopping for groceries and need a little inspiration, you can just pull up your “Try Soon” list and get some ideas.

5 thoughts to “FAQ: Favorites and Try Soons”

    1. Thanks Jason. Try Soons and Favorites very much are in the mobile applications, but you’re right — the user interface convention is different.

      Each mobile app (Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, NOOK, Kindle Fire, Android Tablet) has slightly different user interface paradigms. That because we like to remain consistent with their particular operating system convention.

      In general, you’ll find Try Soon and Favorite toggle switches either on the recipe details screen itself, or on a menu button or upper-right action menu button. These options will work only when signed into the app, so BigOven knows who you are. And, somewhat unique to BigOven, Favorites and Try Soons that you save on mobile or web are automatically synchronized for you — they’re the same list, whether you’re in one of the free mobile apps or on BigOven.com.

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