Private recipes can now be shared via special web address

shutterstock_108317762We’re pleased to announce another new feature for BigOven Pro members:  You can now selectively share any private recipe via a special web address. 

Private recipes are a feature of BigOven Pro, letting you add any and all recipes – even if you don’t want the general public seeing them.  They may be treasured heirloom recipes, or work-in-progress recipes, or recipes you’ve scanned from commercial sources and simply respect, as we do, that such recipes and photos should not be in the general BigOven public archive.  You may want them simply as notes to yourself. 

Sometimes, however, there may still be private recipes that you want to selectively share with a handful of friends or family members via email.  Starting today, you can. 

Here’s how.  Let’s say you’ve got a recipe you’ve added via RecipeScan – “Carmelized Red Onion Relish” — and you had it during the holidays.  It’s so good, you’d like to share it with a couple of other friends.  Simply click on the “email link” button in the upper left on any private recipe page on


Notice the lock icon – this means that the recipe is still private, but you can share a special coded link.  If you click it, you’ll be taken to a page where you can email the special link to friends or family:


When they access the recipe with that special web address, they’ll be able to view, print out, add photos and review the recipe.  If they’re a BigOven Pro member, they can also make an instant copy of it, to add it to their grocery list, menu plan, or more. 

For all users without that special coded link, your recipe remains private; it won’t show up in BigOven general search (only for you, and only when you are logged in), and it won’t be accessible without the code.

Additional notes:

  • To help with security, BigOven adds a “noindex” tag to tell the search engines not to add it to their index
  • Cooks who get the coded link will not be able to add the recipe to a grocery list or menu plan without first making an instant custom copy of it (which is  Pro-only feature.)  However, they can still print the recipe, add comments and photos.
  • Private recipes will not show up in the public recipe search results for anyone other than you. 
  • Private recipes need to be shared one-at-a-time; the code is unique to each recipe.

You are in control of how public you’d like the recipe to be.  You can pin it on Pinterest, email the private URL to as many people as you’d like… but remember, anyone who has the special URL will be able to view the recipe.  Happy cooking!

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