Video Tutorial: Using BigOven’s Grocery List

In this tutorial, we show how BigOven’s grocery list saves you time.  You can add individual items or entire recipes onto the grocery list, and you’ll get a complete list, sorted by aisle.  The grocery list can be emailed, printed, or used with any of our mobile and tablet apps.  Your data is synchronized automatically – just log in with your PRO membership and it’s there!

One thought to “Video Tutorial: Using BigOven’s Grocery List”

  1. This app continues to impress me. I just need a kitchen-proof dock (easy to clean, speakers, maybe multiple timers). Then I can finally trash that clutter out of my kitchen. Frequently used cookbooks, recipe cards, clippings, etc. are an eyesore. Time for my kitchen to go paperless! BigOven is everything I could want in a kitchen app. Too bad Apple changed the connection port. So what dock manufacturer is going to produce this item anytime soon? But I want to use my iPad with BigOven and stream my audio library while I cook. You’d think Kindle would have a cookbook edition by now, too.
    Do you guys have any influence with hardware manufacturers? iHome makes app enhanced alarm clock radio devices. How about a BigOven enhanced kitchen speaker dock for the iPad?
    Thanks for making such a truly useful recipe (and so much more) app! I cheerfully renewed my Pro annual subscription and you’ve delivered everything I expected and more. 😀

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