BigOven introduces Pro Membership

A couple weeks ago, BigOven introduced a new, optional, paid-level of membership called BigOven Pro.  I wanted to take a minute to explain what's in BigOven Pro, and where we're going with that service.

BigOven Pro upgrades your membership so that you:

  • Get a grocery list that works across any device you use — a desktop web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android and soon Windows Phone
  • Get nutrition facts (currently on the website, but coming to the mobile apps)
  • Never see ads — whether that's on the iPad, web, iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone
  • Get more features to come in 2011 and beyond

The cost for BigOven Pro is just $15.99 for a whole year; that's about four cents per day.

Some users have commented that they're disappointed that the grocery list — which was free in our beta period — is now only available to BigOven Pro members.  We understand that disappointment.   But we hope you understand that it costs us over $100,000 each year just to operate the servers (hosting and bandwidth) that bring you BigOven, and that doesn't include our software design, development or tech-support costs.

We will continue to offer two levels of membership:  Free and Pro.  Free users will be able to do a huge amount with BigOven, and Pro users will be able to do more.

Among the features in the works for BigOven Pro in 2011 and beyond are:

  • Private Recipes — post recipes and recipe photos privately, and access them when you're logged in (on any device), but keep them from public view
  • Meal planning calendar
  • Nutrition facts on mobile devices
  • …and much more!

A single BigOven Pro account should unlock Pro features regardless of where you log in; you do not need multiple Pro accounts!

Special note for BigOven iPad Pro users:

  • If you've paid $9.99 (one time) for the BigOven iPad Pro app, you can continue to use that app and its features as-is.  But we are moving our ongoing support and feature improvement to the single iPad app we have, and adding enhanced features for BigOven Pro members.  As a thank-you for BigOven iPad Pro purchasers, you get a free year of BigOven Pro membership. 

    As background, obviously selling an application that has ongoing server costs (grocery list and recipe lookup) for a single one-time fee does not work financially, and does not allow us to fund ongoing service, support and development.  We needed to align our cost structure (which is ongoing) with the revenue structure for the app.

Special note for BigOven for Windows users:

  • Your BigOven for Windows purchase grants you a license for 3 installations of our Windows desktop software for just $29.95.  This purchase was a one-time purchase to get the many extra features on your Windows desktop that BigOven for Windows delivers.  It does not include the extra BigOven Pro features. 

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