Coming Soon: Print your own Cookbooks is partnering with Sharedbook of NYC, to allow any cook to create their own professionally-printed cookbooks.

In a matter of weeks, anyone will be able to create personal cookbooks using BigOven.  Uses include:

  • Gift giving — archive Mom’s recipes and give them to your siblings
  • Personal reference — gather your favorite spring, summer, fall and winter recipes into bound journals
  • Fundraising — raising money for a school?  Get each family to post one favorite recipe to (free!), and mark it with a special tag.  Then, the publisher can search on that tag and create a customized recipe book in a matter of minutes!

Books will be available for purchase starting at less than $40.00, including free shipping and handling to any US location. 


2 thoughts to “Coming Soon: Print your own Cookbooks”

  1. Hi,

    We are new pro members of BigOven.

    We love the way the iPad app is laid out like a real cookbook with the picture, ingredients and method all nicely placed on the page.

    Sometimes the kitchen gets very messy and we don’t want to expose an iPad to that – it might stop working!

    The cost of printing and shipping a single cookbook with our recipes to Australia would be prohibitively expensive, not to mention the inability to add or remove recipes one at a time.

    We are in Australia and we wanted to be able to make individual recipe cards on A5 card paper with 3 hole punchouts for placing in a folder.

    This would allow us to add just the new recipes and rearrange the folders into different groupings from time to time, and would look nice on shelves and when we want the kids to use the recipes without having to sign in to the iPad!

    We noticed that the web layout it unsuitable as it contains a lot of buttons, ratings, etc. And the iPad print function takes us to a web print page.

    It is a LOT of work to cut and paste the information into Word or Publisher templates

    Is there a way to customise the look and feel of each recipe so that it can be exported to a PDF with suitable framing and layout, or is there an API I can hook into using REST, WebDAV or some other Office program so I can say, mailmerge my recipes into a Microsoft Publisher template and then manipulate the formatting of resulting document or something like that?

    Ben and Sharon

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