RSA Homes is a Miserable Failure.

There is an interesting story today about a home builder, RSA Homes, that got a bad writeup in the online watchdog site "Rip Off Report".  Turns out that when people searched Google for RSA Homes, the complaint filed with the "Rip Off Report" was showing right under the company’s own site.  Unhappy with this exposure, the firm took the unwise step of suing Google and the "Rip Off Report" in what is probably a baseless suit.

The irony is that by suing, they were covered by the media, and blogs much more widely read than this one.  This in turn is creating more and more news around the topic, thereby increasing the PageRank of this story, keeping their brand name in hot water for a long time to come.  Sort of an unintended "suicide" Google Bomb, if I may make a very crass analogy.  (Check out a Google search for "RSA Homes"  as it appears right now.)

For every web action, there is sometimes an unequal and quite opposite effect.  Perhaps RSA Homes should just change their name to Nigritude Ultramarine, or Miserable Failure.

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